Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000

Escape from Vallis Augustana


Initial adventure of Waylon Quintillus Celeritas.

House Lorasia pulled strings to get me out of the military in return for a 5-year contract to pilot a Lorasian starship transport. Officially, my decree was to transport Lorasian trade goods throughout the system to various Lorasian outposts (in particular, to and from the observatory moon of Melus Terus, and to and from Gyokus Prime); however, I soon discovered that Lorasia’s recent rise to influence and wealth was fuelled primarily by a profitable underground smuggling business on Gyokus Prime. During one of my Gyokus Prime excursions, my true purpose was uncovered and, in my haste to escape the planet, some of the Lorasian ship’s systems were irreparably damaged. I ditched the ship because I couldn’t pay for it; I’ve been on the run from House Lorasia since.

On Vallis Augustana, I was finally cornered by Lorasian goons while trying to make passage off planet with some hot uplink codes. The sergeant seemed to come from nowhere, and pulled me into a tiny alleyway. As the thus gave chase, we zig-zagged deeper into the maze. I was sure we were trapped at least a dozen times, but the sergeant always had another exit. We soon lost the goons, and took the Spiratus Marsanius off planet the next day.



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