Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000

Despatch: Battle for the Moraine

After Action Report -- 334.999.M41

My Lord, I have the honour to submit the following report on the operations at Station Moraine, conducted on 334.999.M41.

In accordance with instructions forwarded from the Augustana Senate and Officio Bellum, I have attached myself to the Orbus Istia Janissary expeditionary platoon on Nyx Infernus — henceforth the Nyx Janissary Task Force — as they conducted entrenchment and defensive operations at strategic location #4 — locally, “Station Moraine”. Transportation to Station Moraine by maglev was effected in good order and without a check. The Adeptus Mechanicus arrived to perform defensive fortifications of the station proper, but declined to offer direct military aid.

The Task Force at the operation numbered 112 line combatants, including 8 non-commissioned officers and one Lt. T. Mausier from the Cadian 58th. A heavy fire-support team from Augustana — Lorasian affiliation — and a stormtrooper detachment from the Ordo Malleus — led by a Sister-Acolyte Aedessa Jorens, in service of Lord-Inquisitor Hadrius — supplemented our forces.

Last night, at 1830 Nyx registered time, we received intelligence from an Inquisitorial operative to expect an assault in the morn. Preparations were expedited, and Chief-Enginseer Halbach of the A.M. rendered the aforementioned assistance. The time of the attack coincided with a planned evacuation via commuter train. Sister Jorens put forth that rescheduling will tip off potential Borer sympathizers of our intel; I concurred.

At 0730, reccy spotted a force of Borers proceeding North along Access Road 110 toward our position: a rabble — roughly platoon sized — of lasgun armed Borers, and two Hauler-8 vehicles with applique armor and mining lasers. At 0830, the battle was joined. I led the centre vanguard forces with Sgt. Murad to my left — our two sections guarding the approach along 110 to the Mechanicus motor pool and our forward HQ. Sgt. Bey was charged with guarding the sacred transformerium to our right. The Augustana fire team was set up at the platform level, overlooking the southern approach. The Inquisitorial Acolytes secured our mobile HQ as a rearguard.

The Borer transports peeled away from the formation and crashed into our right as we engaged the Borer infantry at las range. Bey’s flank broke almost immediately from a brutal melee onslaught inflicted by raiders desanting from the haulers. At the same time, we held 110 with ease, cutting apart the Borer infantry from enfilade positions. I would add the hauler raiders were arrayed in a formidable manner, with pretensions to intimidate, and seemed of a different stock from the infantry.

At 0900 (approx.), I ordered the vanguard to a decisive charge to shatter the Borer line and regroup to engage their vehicles. There was when an earthshaking explosion thundered from our rear lines, as the prometheum dumps went up near our HQ. The force of the blast knocked most of us to the ground, and set the station roof ablaze. We looked back in amazement to see a vaguely man-shaped figure wreathed in dark flames stomping toward us, a bloodletter daemon conjured from the warp. I am stricken to report that my own unit of vanguards were paralyzed with fear by the sight of what I assessed as a minor daemon. I looked over to Murad’s unit to see them break and flee, Murad himself alit with black fire. The Borer ranks too, broke at the sight of this; most were cut down as they fled, or consumed by the daemon’s seemingly nondiscriminating wrath.

With the battle suddenly in dire straits, we moved to intercept the daemon. A handful of the vanguard followed in my wake, and we engaged the monstrosity alongside the Acolytes. Janissaries K. Eferi and I. Sallis fought bravely at my side — may they dine at the Emperor’s table now. The daemon engaged us in a lengthy battle, but we emerged in pyrrhic victory as the Acolytes sent our HQ Chimera barreling into the wounded daemon’s body.

Action successfully concluded at 1000 (approx.). The Borer assault on Station Moraine was denied, and the strategic location held. The Borer raiders were never found, having made their escape in the confusion, but not before cutting into and rampaging through the hab sector, leaving behind a moderately gruesome spectacle. The evacuation train would be delayed for an hour, by significant obstructions placed on the tracks at “Station Pallet” — the subtlety of sabotage should not be put past the Borers.

Casualties within the Task Force are heavy, counting 78 confirmed dead or wounded in action, at least another 24 absent without leave. Optarius (Lt.) R. Asellio of the Augustana fire-support team is to be cited for dereliction of duty and willful misuse of munitions, and will be added to the list of casualties at dawn, Nyx registered time.

Additionally, I desire to bring to your Lordship’s notice in this despatch, the conspicuous gallantry of aforementioned Janissaries K. Eferi and I. Sallis of the Nyx Janissary Task Force, and of one T. Numicius — previously sergeant of the Cadian 58th — who withstood blow after blow from the daemon threat, and returned it in kind.

Humble Servant of the Emperor,

Commissar Elrik E. Laag, Nyx Janissary Task Force



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