Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000

N-3: Special Bulletin

«Fades to pict of a reporter dress in red, disheveled and covered with dust»

This is Jennifer Flare and I… I am reporting live from Moraine Station in the aftermath of, what… I can only describe as a… demonic attack. One moment, the Borer troops… they were charging the entrenched Guardsmen. They were getting cut down. The next moment, there was an explosion on the lower level, below the rail lines. Fire, there was fire everywhere. Part of the platform caught fire and caved in. It was absolute pandemonium.

«Deep, shaky breaths»

Then, then there was this… monstrous figure surrounded in black fire. I’m not sure where it came from… play… play the recording. He had this glowing axe, and was just carving through the Imperial lines.

«Pict fades to an Ordo Malleus seal»

The whole building shook. We could see a few other figures — They charged — charged! — the demon spawn. They were joined by some of the guardsmen. Emperor have mercy on their souls. I think there was the sergeant from the other day. There was also a… commissar, I’m sure. They were going toe to toe with the demon, sword and axe. And… they did the impossible. They killed it. If it could be killed. Ran it over with one of the transports…

«Seal fades back to the reporter. People and crew moving in the background.»

We’re being ushered into a train now. The Inquisition is sealing off the lower sections of the station. We tried to get a survey of the damage. We heard some of the Borers broke into the residential block, but the troopers won’t —




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