Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000

Issue No. 0048A3F-349DDE-349AA1.0 -- Resolved, Closed

Re: Issue No. 0048A3F-349DDE-349AA1.0

A static filled image of a hood tech-priest fills the screen. He reads aloud the following message.

r17illistrad: This is Secretarian c13sienna with the Legio Cybernetica and assistant to Magos Seleritov. The Magos is presently occupied with other matters and cannot tend to your inquiries. Concerns about your colleagues should be filed with your planetary priesthood, along with pertaining evidence. Glory to the Omnissiah. May the Machine God illuminate your way.

The following pict stenograph was found embedded as static in the original message, decoded using r17illistrad’s personal key.
The silhouette back lit by dim blue light speaks down toward a grainy pict recorder.

Tellexus… yes, that is not a name I have heard in centuries. We have worked on a number of… projects in the past. In his twilight years, he had taken an… unusual interest in Nyx Infernus. He believed the Omnissiah spoke to him on that planet. He spoke of a relic of archaic origins and believed it held tremendous power. I knew not how he intended to uncover this relic. His methods… ran afoul of other arms of the Imperium. He worked with an Acolyte by the name of Jandice Kell; though worked with may be too strong a term. It was she who sought to persecute him later… or perhaps that was before. That was centuries ago. That is all I can disclose at this time. I urge caution and discretion in this matter. The troubles he stirred with Imperial factions were… not without merit. Keep me apprised of further developments, tech-priest.



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