Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000

Addressed to Acolyte W. Q. Leylios

colyte W. Q. Leylios:

is virtuous and holy Lordship, venerable prosecutor of the holy Ordos, vanquisher of a thousand warpspawn, inscrutable mastermind of the Istrian injuction, and the God-Emperor’s ever loyal servant, Lord-Inquisitor Hadrius wishes to commend you on your loyal service in the cause of the Imperium, and our eternal, secret crusade against the foul spawn of the warp in all their varied and malignant forms.

our zeal and service in banishing the daemon at the Battle of the Moraine has been recognized by his Lordship, and shall be further and ample proof of your ability and conviction. However, his Lordship wishes to remind you that such tasks are secondary to the purpose of the Holy Ordos on this planet. The outbreak of civil war complicates our situation significantly, and we must redouble our efforts to subvert and disrupt the communications of the Conspirators. Only through such a stratagem can we force them into the open, so the Phase II of the plan may unfold. It is toward this purpose we must strive with zeal, and from this purpose, we dare not stray.

Penned on behalf of Inquisitor Hadrius



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