Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000

Warped Point of View

Khorney jokes

So, this Hero of Granite Shore and his crazy friend have some skill to back up their plans. They’ve finally pushed the quiet factions over the edge; there’s nothing left now to keep us from cutting the ring. Me and the boys will whip those Kriegs into shape, they’re all disgruntled but I bet half of them have no idea of the freedom they’re fighting for. As long as they’re pointed in the right direction and stay that way, they’ll see soon enough.

Sisigmund sent Sarg‘s men off north to cut off the train tracks with rubble, while Yorious went scouting the headquarters. Splitting our forces, but I suppose he’s the one that got us this far; not like the average truck driver could shoot straight anyway. Lets us focus on the cutting, anyway. Nothing like the pain you feel walking for days under that sun, but a little reminder of what we’re fighting for should do them well.

Finicky guy came back with a backload of kraks, spun some bad yarn about the ‘valor sticks’. The things were busted, but still full of boom; that was one tinkerer that won’t be joining us. Sure, people are gonna die, but no need to make it that easy for them. Better than nothing, I suppose.

We got up there the day of the fight, drove around the back quiet-like. They were all looking the way our boys were coming from, bad for our pals but that just meant we needed to use the advantage. Not that there was much of one, they drew a bead on us pretty quick. Sisigmund went over to light up the exploding barrels; I did some lighting of my own, but the Infernus wasn’t strong enough to burn them up. Not that it minded burning up the snow. I moved in for another pass, and… they filled me with holes.

That’s when things got interesting.

Funny, how that Inquisition drives harmless wannabes into the sort of corner where they give in. Great job security, gives more daemons a chance.

There was quite the bang from the exploding prometheum, a nice backdrop to the summoning. Khorne wanted old friends dead. They followed me through hell once, they can do it again. Bonus, I still get to wipe out someone close to the guys that shot me dead.

And now that sergeant’s back. That useless gal we were dragging along was all gibbering and broken, he must’ve been mad about that. That’s fine, hate is good. Guy’s good with a sword. Should be quite the fight.

Well, would’ve been better without that Sister taking pot-shots. Blew an eye out, didn’t stop me from clocking that commissar upside the head, and matching the sergeant blow for blow. Wait, that’s a lot of metal-

Damn, only had that body for a couple minutes. Oh well, impaled on a Chimera isn’t too bad as these go, managed to blow that up into quite the fight for that pittance of power Khorne bothered to drop here. Just means I deserve a bit more to kill with.

Next time.



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