Lightning of the God-Emperor


High Aspect: Devastator Marine Dark Angel
Trouble: See No Evil
A Secret War
A Dark Angel may be compelled to abandon any current assignment to singlemindedly pursue The Fallen. This aspect may be invoked in direct action against The Fallen. Those who know of the chapter’s dark secrets refuse to work alongside members of the Inquisition except in the direst of circumstances.
All Are Suspect
Beneath his cultivated civility, their primarch, Lionel Jonson, was a brooding, paranoid and secretive man. Such qualities leave a psychic impression upon the chapter; intrigue, half-truths, and secrecy become second nature to them. With their dark history, it is not unreasonable to send a second to watch over a loyal brother. Invoke this aspect to aid in deception and intrigue; compel this aspect to manifest unhealthy paranoia and suspect your closest allies.
Raven-Winged Angel
A long tour of duty with the Raven Guard has granted new respect for the “cowardly” ways of guerrilla warfare. Invoke this aspect to boost attempts at infiltration and sabotage while the enemy is under alert. Compel this aspect to hesitate, waiting for the perfect moment to strike rather than seizing immediate advantage.

+5: Marksmanship, Resolve
+4: Perception, Renown
+3: Endurance, Stealth
+2: Athletics, Deception
+1: Empathy, Survival

Physical: [][][][]
Mental: [][][][]
Social: [][]
Corruption: [][]

Minor Consequence (-2):
Minor Mental Consequence (-2):
Major Consequence (-4):
Severe Consequence (-6):

Lightning of God: Gain a Plasma Sniper Rifle.
Gunner’s Golfbag: Weapon Armiture may be used in general to provide an additional minor action for switching weapons.
Special Bolter Ammunition: As part of a reload action, may change ammunition in a bolter between:
Standard Bolts: Provides Shredding (may reroll 1 die after hitting)
Inferno Bolts: Provides Fiery (after dealing damage, deals 1 physical stress at start of target’s turn unless they use a supplementary action or free-tag an appropriate Aspect)
Vengeance Bolts: Provides Antivehicle (2) (ignore up to 2 vehicle armor) and Unreliable (on a roll of -4 or -3 the weapons Jams and cannot fire until a successful Tech 0 check as a standard action)

Astartes Stunts:
Astartes Conditioning: This stunt acts as a taggable aspect when boosting the space marine’s Might, Endurance or Resolve skills. Alternatively, by spending a Fate Point, you may make one roll with any of these skills as if they were rated at 5.
Astartes Doctrines: Once per round, an astarte may tag one Aspect for free (but not your High Concept). The same Aspect cannot be tagged this way in two sequential rounds. The Astartes Aspects (see below) are intended to allow the space marine to use this stunt with regularity. In noncombat scenes, this stunt is usable once per scene.
Black Carapace: When wearing power armor, an Astarte replaces the Hulking aspect with Heavy. This stunt allows Astartes to don the heavy terminator armor without additional penalties.
Hard to Kill: Once per major milestone, a space marine can take a Consequence to absorb all damage from one attack. This Consequence is free-taggable once by the attacker.
Wraith-slipping: Removes the Noisy aspect from power armors.
Inspire Terror: Once per scene, a space marine may inspire terror in all that face him, by simply taking actions that narratively showcase one of their aspects. This grants a boost to himself that may be used for any skill roll.

Devastator Power Armor: Armor rating 4, Heavy, Sealed, Weapon Armiture: A stabilizing servo is built into this armor. You may setup or breakdown a heavy weapon as part of another supplemental action (incurring the same -1 penalty to your standard action).
Plasma Sniper Rifle: Damage 2, Penetration 1, Ammo 1, Maneuver + 1, Range 2-5. Plasma: If attack hits without dealing damage, may reroll all dice; Overcharge: May discharge all power in one shot granting + 1 damage and + 1 penetration, but then must vent heat next round; Precision: When firing at a specific target in a squad, prevents using squad as cover; Scoped: When you have Maneuvered to aim, roll twice and pick highest result; Deadly (2): Ignores up to 2 DR against organic targets.
Plasma Pistol: Damage 1, Penetration 1, Ammo 3, Maneuver 0, Range 2. Plasma; Overcharge; Small: Concealable, usable in one hand; Assault: Usable in melee.
Bolter Rifle: Damage 3, Penetration 0, Ammo 3, Maneuver + 1, Range 3. Shredding: May reroll 1 die of 4dF roll on a hit.
Autocannon: Damage 2, Penetration 2, Ammo 5, Maneuver + 1, Range 1-3. Setup: Requires supplementary action to deploy and pick-up, deploys on borders of a zone and can only fire within fire arc; Area: Attacks all characters in a zone (excluding attacker); Suppression: All organic targets must Take Cover as supplemental even if already in cover or there is no cover, otherwise they increase damage taken by 1; Full Auto: You may spend 1 ammo to reroll your attack.
Wrist-Mounted Flamer: Damage 1, Penetration 0, Ammo 1, Maneuver -1, Range 2. Firey; Flamer: As Area, but only 1 ammo per attack; Hazard: One Aspect representing armor against environmental hazards may be free-tagged against this attack; Wrist-Mounted: Mounted on power armor, can be used hands-free at -1 without stunt.
Frag Grenade: Damage 3, Penetration 0, Range 1. Blast: Attacks all characters in a zone; Single-Use; Grenade: Throw with Might or Assault or set as trap with Tech.


A Space Marine recruiting drive captured one of the dominant street gangs from the underbelly of an off-the-grid Hive world, as they often do. Of this batch, two brothers were the only ones to survive initiation and receive new names to suit their new bodies and lives as Dark Angels. The Lightning and Thunder of the God-Emperor were a potent duo in their scout squadrons, earning respect and renown by the time they became true battle-brothers of the Dark Angels.

However, while some other chapters might see such a bond of trust as a great asset to be cultivated, to the Dark Angels this closeness is a liability. Each brother was granted an important mission for the Chapter, assigned to an entirely new squadron. Barachiel was sent as an emissary to assist an isolated squad from the Raven Guard that had seen casualties, lending immense firepower in exchange for the stealth training that allowed him to best leverage each lightning strike against a superior opponent. Fighting a guerrilla campaign to near completion, Barachiel mastered these new techniques as yet another weapon in the art of war.

However, an urgent matter revoked the Dark Angel support on the cusp of victory. Drawn off by his chapter’s summons, Barachiel was met by other scattered Dark Angels similarly pulled from assignments in the sector. As their transport moved through the Warp, the veteran captain of the group revealed their purpose was to hunt down a Fallen Angel, evoking no small amount of distrust. Upon arrival they waged a covert campaign, finding and exterminating the traitorous space marine without alerting the denizens of the planet to their presence.

After this hunt, Barachiel and Ramiel began to fight alongside each other again, though a sheet of nails had fallen between them. Half-truths and distrust are the destiny of the Dark Angels.


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