Grandmother Cadniss

Venerabe Tech Priest in charge of Spaceport Nyx


Formal Title: Enginseer Executus Edith Cadniss
Also known as the Grandmother of the Spaceport, Grandmother Cadniss, and the less flattering Technocrone
Also, don’t call her venerable

High Concept: Resentful Enginseer, Master of the Spaceport
Trouble: The Gyokai can take their trinkets and go home
Killed a demon with this servo arm
Break my toys and I’ll break your legs


Centuries ago, Tech Priest Edith Adniss was part of the initial Adeptus Mechanicus diplomatic delegation sent to Gyokus Prime secure their incorporation into the Empire (or Cult Mechanicus) and, more importantly, to obtain their cooperation in sharing their technological secrets with the Adeptus Mechanicus. However, these negotiations did not go well. Few know of the details, but the Gyokai remain aloof and independent to this day.

Whatever the reason, Grandmother Adniss harbors a resentment toward the Gyokai to this day. Rumor has it that she was demoted from Magos to her current position as Enginseer Executus as a result of the expedition.

Grandmother Cadniss

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