Lady Ann Elizabeth Harcourt

Rogue Trader Retinue, Respected Xenographer



  • High Concept: Xenographer Debutant
  • “Know the alien”
  • Elegant pragmatist

6: Forbidden Lore: Xenos
5: Lore, Resolve
4: Marksmanship, Rapport
3: Athletics, Empathy
2: Perception, Presence
1: Endurance, Infiltrate

Physical: 3, Mental: 4, extra mild mental consequence

Stunt: Etiquette: Use Lore or Forbidden Lore: Xenosfor etiquette with humans and xenos, respectively.
Stunt: Cunning Camouflage: With preparation, use Lore or Forbidden Lore: Xenosfor infiltration against humans and xenos, respectively.

Tailored Xenomesh Armor: + 2 Armor, Superb Eldar craftsmanship
—> once per combat absorbs one mild consequence from an energy weapon

Tau Pulse Carbine: damage:2, pen:1, range:3, ammo:special, Assault, Scoped, Plasma, Full-auto
—> Using Full-auto empties the weapon of ammo, and requires reloading

  • Noble Lady of House Harcourt


  • Tailored Xenomesh armor (Eldar origins)
  • Microplasma pulse rifle (Tau origins, carbine model)
  • Safari skimmer, equipped with ferroweave canopy and swing-arm mounted autocannon
  • Majestic Beagle, an extensively modified Fitzroy-class survey lander

Retinue includes:

Lady Ann Elizabeth Harcourt

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