Inquisitor Hadrius

Aging Inquisitor


High Concept: Ancient and Inscrutable Inquisitor Mastermind
Trouble: The cult anticipates my every move!
Everyone looks like a pawn to a chess master
Nyx Infernus shall be denied to the talons of Tzeentch
Room stopping presence – once had a commanding presence that stills a room by a cough
Too many centuries – has fought thousands of daemons across thousands of planets


Inquisitor Hadrius and his large and varied retinue are currently investigating Nyx Infernus for signs of possible corruption by a supposed Cult of Tzeentch. His efforts thus far have been thoroughly thwarted, as if the cult anticipates his every move. His increasingly draconic measures have stirred up considerable resentment, particularly in the southern arcs of the hab ring.

Known Retinue

Sister Aedessa Jorens and her inquisitorial stormtroopers
Leylios the Acolyte seems legit

Inquisitor Hadrius

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