Jennifer Flare

Independent reporter, Nyxian Nightly News


Known Aspects:
High Concept: Reporter by Day; True Believer by Night
The Truth is Out There

Secretly a conspiracy theorist whose day job is a reporter.


  • Large humanoid servitor with a camera array for its head
  • Moves with effortless grace
  • Clearly marked with AdMech cog; on loan
  • Magos level protected traffic
  • Bodyguard subroutine, keyed to Flare

Known Skills:

4: Athletics
Stunt: Gyro-stabilized camera platform – rolls Athletics +2 for pic capture


  • On site reporter for the Nyxian Nightly News (N-3).
  • Interested in reporting details of military-civilian skirmishes in Borer territory.
  • Enthusiastic and energetic on the job. Seems friendly enough.
  • Accompanied by camera servitor PIC-TOR.

First encountered the Sisigmund von Schwaben and the other characters at Lewis Dike Station, where a Borer protest was taking place. She managed to get a short clip of the party, who were accompanying a squad of Janissary communications team led by Content Not Found: talia-mausier. She managed to get a quick pict-recording and soundbite from the ex-sergeant as they were exiting the train, who asserted that there may have been mistakes made in their dealings with Borers. She also seemed to recognize Waylon Quintillus Celeritas, though it is unclear why. Tech-priest Ramirez Illistrad would later erase the frames containing Waylon, though not before they seemed to be transmitted somewhere.

Flare also later reports on the Battle of Granite Shore .

Flare was also present at Station Moraine during the Borer attack. She and her pict-servitor were present on the platform when part it was set ablaze. Fortunate, she not only survives the incident, but managed to give an account of the battle, including the field heroics of von Schwaben and Commissar Laag.

Jennifer Flare

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