Thunder of the Emperor


High Concept: Assault Marine
Trouble: Whispers of Tzeentch


  1. Thunderous Temper
  2. Shrouded by Secrets
  3. The Burden of Knowledge

+5: Might, Endurance
+4: Psy, Resolve
+3: Lore, Tactica
+2: Renown, Athletics
+1: Prescence, Empathy

Physical: [] [] [] []
Mental: [] [] [] []
Social: [] []
Corruption: [] []

Physical Consequences:
Minor (-2):
Minor (-2):
Moderate (-4):
Severe (-6):


  1. Select your quarry (+1 FP if personally destroy enemy, once per scene)
  2. Thunder Hammer of God (+3 dmg, Power Field, Momentum, 2-handed, +1 maneouver advantage, AV +2 with might)
  3. Exalted Powers (Attack: sorcery, empowered +2 shifts, blasphemy manifest)
  4. Jump Jets (Spend a Fate Point to activate the jet pack. As your standard action, move a number of zones equal to your Assault - or range 3 - unobstructed by ground based obstacles. Then make an Assault check against all enemies in the zone to inflicting the Knocked down trait on them. This ability has the Disrupt trait. You may use Astartes Doctrines to activate this abilityand attack in the same round)
  5. Combat Shield (+1 AR against ranged when not attacking)

Astartes Stunts:

  1. Astartes Conditioning: This stunt acts as a taggable aspect when boosting the space marine’s Might, Endurance or Resolve skills. Alternatively, by spending a Fate Point, you may make one roll with any of these skills as if they were rated at 5.
  2. Astartes Doctrines: Once per round, an astarte may tag one Aspect for free (but not your High Concept). The same Aspect cannot be tagged this way in two sequential rounds. The Astartes Aspects (see below) are intended to allow the space marine to use this stunt with regularity. In noncombat scenes, this stunt is usable once per scene.
  3. Black Carapace: When wearing power armor, an Astarte replaces the Hulking aspect with Heavy. This stunt allows Astartes to don the heavy terminator armor without additional penalties.
  4. Hard to Kill: Once per major milestone, a space marine can take a Consequence to absorb all damage from one attack. This Consequence is free-taggable once by the attacker.
  5. Inspiring Zeal: Once per scene, a space marine may inspire zeal in himself or an ally, by simply taking actions that narratively showcase one of their aspects. This grants a boost to himself, or that ally, that may be used for any skill roll.


  1. Tactical Power Armour (+4 AC, Heavy, Noisy, Sealed, +1 Might)
  2. Frag Grenade (+3 dmg, penetration 0, range 1). Blast: Attacks all characters in a zone; Single-Use; Grenade: Throw with Might or Assault or set as trap with Tech

Growing up as part of a street gang in an off-the-grid Hive world instils certain values in its members. In order to survive, you have to be respected; you must be feared. Backing down from a fight, or showing any other sign of weakness, is the quickest way to lose respect. Naturally, the forced courage, hardened survival instincts, and win-at-all-costs mentality of street gang members who have nothing to lose are desirable qualities in space marine recruits. Thus, it was no surprise that two brothers from such circumstances quickly rose to prominence amidst a class of new Dark Angel recruits. In what would be his final inititation circa 000.800.M41, the elder of the two participated in a friendly duel against a Space Wolf marine. The duel had been arranged as a final test of the recruit’s constitution, but to the surprise of both chapters, the two battled for hours, neither gaining any serious advantage. Finally, the Dark Angel recruit, in a Thunderous burst of rage, uprooted a nearby pillar and used it to strike down his opponent. Despite being disqualified for weapon use, no matter how ad-hoc, the duel served to cement the recruit as a member of the Dark Angel marines. His Thunderous Temper, as it manifested in the duel, served as the basis for his Dark Angel name, Ramiel: Thunder of God.

Ramiel participated in many crusades over the next 100 years with his brother, Barachiel; tales of their courage and success in those early years abound. Eventually, the duo were separated. Whether the separation came as part of a vetting process - to reaffirm each’s loyalty to the emperor - remains unknown, but Ramiel was nonetheless chosen to attend an elder Dark Angel on a quest to the warp-enshrouded planet, Malus Terra. En route to the planet, Ramiel was told the purpose of their mission: to seek out and destroy a fallen member of the Dark Angel Marines. Thus Ramiel came to know the true secret of the Dark Angels. The knowledge alone should not have phased Ramiel - he’d had his suspicions for years - but the elder marine failed prepare Ramiel to brace against the effects of Malus Terra. Indeed, Ramiel was never warned that the warp could prey on idle thoughts. And so a shroud of suspicion, deep and unwavering, quickly descended upon Ramiel once the pair of marines landed on the planet.

Ramiel became so consumed by thoughts of treachery that he did not notice precisely when the elder marine disappeared. Nonetheless, Ramiel soon found himself alone on the warp-planet, hunting a Fallen whose identity he did not know. Weeks passed (though time itself is hard to gauge Malus Terra) without sign of life, and all the while, Ramiel wandered the planet. In his first days on the planet, his lack of control caused the terrain around him to change in the blink of an eye. He found himself at one moment walking through forest, then atop a mountain, then along the ocean floor. The warp seemed to project images from his mind; images of past memories and adventures, but all of them twisted in some way. Days passed, and Ramiel began to adapt to the planet, learning to maintain razor sharp focus on his purpose. He gained a sort of control over his immediate surroundings, enough so that they seemed to stand still. And then it happened. A Dark Angel appeared in the distance. The Fallen. Ramiel stalked his prey across the planet, but every time he came close, the marine disappeared, only to reappear again some distance away. This cat-and-mouse chase continued for days more, to no avail. Despite his best efforts, Ramiel could not catch the Fallen. So he stopped chasing and closed his eyes in silent anguish. And then, by accident, Ramiel pictured himself near the Fallen. He envisioned the ensuing battle. It was gruesome; Ramiel imagined facing a fearsome warrior. In his vision, the two battled at great length, both sustaining injury, until finally Ramiel emerged victorious.

Releasing a breath, Ramiel re-opened his eyes and then nearly gasped. A flood of pain washed over him, though only momentarily until his space marine training kicked in to repress it. He had sustained heavy injuries, and at his feat was the vanquished Fallen. Some part of Ramiel screamed in protest - this cannot be! this place is cursed! - but he ignored his instincts and bent down to remove the Fallen’s helmet. And then Ramiel knew the meaning of true horror, for Barachiel’s lifeless eyes stared back at him. It all happened in the span of a moment, for then everything was as it had been. The Fallen disappeared, and Ramiel’s injuries were no more. But the nightmarish scene left a lasting impression. And so Ramiel signalled for extraction, desiring very greatly to leave the planet. His rational self knew that his experience was entirely fueled by the warp, but subconsciously he remained burden by the knowledge he gained on Malus Terra.

After being rescued from the planet, Ramiel inquired after the Dark Angel who he had originally accompanied. But there was no official record that Ramiel had been accompanied by any other marine to Malus Terra. In fact, the rescue party was surprised to learn he had on Malus Terra at all.


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