Survivor Riker

Infernus-cult Separatist - Demon of Korn


High Aspect: Psyker Infernus Cultist Daemonic Possession
Trouble: Short-Sighted Goals
Might Makes Right
They’ve Followed Me Through Hell
Cut The Ring!

+4: Psy Assault
+3: Conviction, Resolve Endurance
+2: Assault, Athletics, Endurance Resolve
+1: Empathy, Perception, Presence, Survival

Physical: [x][x][x]
Mental: [x][][][]
Social: [][][]
Corruption: [][]

Physical -2: Lasfire Singed
Physical -4: One Eye Blinded by the Emperor’s Light
Physical -6: Run Over
Corruption -8: Daemonic Possession

Psychic Powers:
1. Pyromancy/Cryomancy – Attack: Kill it with Fire (attacks zone, 2 extra shifts to be selective). Maneuver: Fire-related aspects. Defend: N/A.
2. Trapping: Walker of Nyx Infernus: Psy for temperature-related Survival, can shield zones out to range 1 out in the open on Nyx Infernus.

3. ‘Heirloom’ weapon: The Relic: Hammer of the Pole: Force Sword in hammer form. 2 damage, 4 penetration, Force Weapon: Acts as Power Weapon for Psykers, +1 to Assault if Psy is higher than Assault.
Flak Armor: Armor 1, Standard Issue, Hot and Bulky


Riker was a psyker from sunside Nyx Infernus, possibly with Crimson Oath affiliations, who fell in with Rena Stov and the Hillfolk briefly before becoming embroiled in the brewing civil war. He lent his services to Sisigmund von Schwaben in the Battle of the Moraine , where he was subsequently killed by Sister Aedessa Jorens’s stormtroopers in a botched attempt to infiltrate the Guardsmen mobile HQ. He there upon transformed into a daemon and turned the battle into a free-for-all. Only with the combined efforts of both sides was he slain — or was he…?

Survivor Riker

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