Tech-Priest Biologis Abel

Tech-Priest Biologis



  • Mechanical shell hides my emotions
  • Overly eager to uncover medical mysteries

5: Medicae (+1 mechanodendrites)
4: Tech, Lore
3: Marksmanship, Perception
2: Athletics, Resolve
1: Investigate, Conviction

Stunts: Medical Mechanodendrites: +1 Medicae
Stunts: Medical Stimulants: When using Medicae to fortify the bodies of allies, roll twice and take the better result
Stunts: Biologis Auspex Array: Uses Tech to detect and identify nearby lifeforms

  • Adept of the Magos Biologis, the branch of the Adeptus Mechanicus that studies medicine and biology
  • Particular interest in xenobiology
  • Friend and retinue of Lady Ann Elizabeth Harcourt

Abel joined the [[Marine Log 350.999.M41 | expedition]] to Perditus Causus, with the intention of studying the biology of orks in the unique environment. When investigating the ruins of a monastic structure, he became briefly possessed by a xenos artifact, during which he activated a sentry turret and turned it on the space marines. He was subdued and played a key role in destroy the artifact. It is unknown whether he survived the subsequent explosion.

Tech-Priest Biologis Abel

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