Annulus Unifex

A heavy circular idol, half a meter in diameter


Power Rating: 6
The Power Rating acts as the item’s skill level when it attempt to accomplish an effect independently of the user.

Battle of Souls: When first acquired, the item performs a corruption attack on the wielder using its Power Rating. An intention to use it is required; Casual contact does not trigger this effect.


  • “I HUNGER for blood and glory”
  • “No oath, creed nor code shall bind me”
  • All shall covet my power

Passive Abilities: The Annulus grants the following abilities:

  • Functions as a psionic focus: increases your Psy by 2, but reduces your Resolve by 1.
  • If you do not have the Psy skill, pick a mental or social skill and add the basic Psy trappings to it. Each time you use these trappings, you take 1 stress (physical, mental or corruption)

Activated Abilities: The Annulus may activates the following abilities at will, but deals 1 corruption damage to the wielder when it activates; alternatively, it may inflict one consequence worth of grave misfortune upon your friends and allies.

Mercurial Speed: When you move, move one extra zone. Also your movement is not impeded by any obstacles, including zone aspects, border aspects, movement impairing effects, or even walls.

True Sight: Use your Psy in place of Perception or Empathy. This ability penetrates any active disguises or deception, and automatically succeeds a contest against them. This ability wil also reveal any connections to the warp in the caster’s environs.

Insatiable Power: Increase a skill by 2. If it is your apex skill, you may automatically succeed with minor cost at the task.


The Annulus Unifex is a powerful artifact, acquired at some point by Techmarine Tellexus who brought to Perditus Causus for disposal. The item subsequently ended up in ork hands, and eventually found itself in the hands of Ramiel and Barachiel of the Dark Angels while conducting covert operations on the planet. It is believed to have been destroyed at the hands of the space marines.

Annulus Unifex

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