Chariot-Pattern Centaur Armored Half-track

Infantry support and forward artillery vehicle


Type: Armored Half-track
Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Commander (open-top)
Vehicle Armor: 1
Armor: 2
Maneuverability: + 1
Consequence: Mild (+ 1), Moderate (+ 2)
Aspects: Oversized Engine Unit

Overdrive: Full Action: Move and defend at Machinery -1
Tow vehicle: May tow a light weapons platform at no penalty

Quadriga-pattern weapons platform

Heavy Bolter: damage:4, Suppress, Area, Shredding
Special: If the Chariot moves more than 1 zone this turn, this attack suffers -1 damage


Modified from the standard Centaur armored utility vehicle, the Centaur “Chariot-patten” half-track boasts better handling at high speeds and in urban environments. Indeed, Chariot half-track racing is the premiere sport on Vallis Augustana. The Adeptus Mechanicus organizes the highly lucrative event jointly with Familias Augustus, with each of the major families sponsoring their own teams for the vent.

The military models are actually downgraded models from those used on racetracks, with bulkier armor and speed governors. Chariots operate closely with infantry formations, relying on the infantry to pin the enemy in place while the Chariots lay in wait. At the appropriate moment, the Chariots will charge down the side of the battlefield, with a gunnery platform in tow to deliver devastating flanking fire from close range.

Chariot-Pattern Centaur Armored Half-track

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