Majestic Beagle

Luxury Yacht


The Majestic Beagle is a Fitzroy-class “twin-hulled” survey lander owned by Lady Ann Elizabeth Harcourt, and operated by her retinue. The twin-hulled moniker describes the unique asymmetric configuration of the vessel, which includes a saucer shaped crew compartment, attached to a bulk cargo stow on the starboard side.

Originally designed to support a dozen crew and technical specialists for prolonged independent operations, the Beagle has been refitted in recent years with as a luxury yacht for extended planetary excursions. The main entry ramp leads to the most prominent of these modifications, the Hall of the Aquilla, which has its centerpiece a golden shrine to the God-Emperor, surrounded by various artifacts of xenos origins.

Underneath the pious exterior, lies a vessel powered by various xenos technologies. The most notable of these include stealth field generators of Tau origins, and a pair of Eldar bright lances set inside standard Imperial las cannon housings.

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Majestic Beagle

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