Acts of Faith

Faithful devotees of the Adeptus Ministorum, or the Adeptus Sororitas in particular, can perform miraculous acts of faith.

Adopt a faithful Aspect representing your character’s devotion to the Emperor.
Take the Conviction skill.
Take Faith stunts to add additional trappings to your Conviction skill. Typically each action requires the expenditure of a Fate Point. Note that the Faithful Aspect is a prerequisite to using Faith stunts.

Faith Stunts

Stunt: Pure Faith
Your devotion to the emperor girds your mind against the daemonic powers. You may reroll your defense against any mental attacks from daemonic forces, or any attack that causes you to take Corruption stress or Consequences.
Special: All other Faith Stunts require Pure Faith as a prerequisite.

Stunt: Emperor’s Sign
The Emperor’s Sign is a physical manifestation of the faithful’s devotion to the Emperor, and a sign of His protection. The Sign is especially potent against creatures of the warp, but its mere appearance is often enough to steel loyal servants of the Imperium against the horrors of war.
Grants the following trappings for Conviction:

  • Attack: mental attacks vs daemons
  • Maneuver: place Aspects on allies to steel their minds against forces malefic, be they demonic, xenos, or simply terrifying
  • Block: bar daemons from physically entering or manifesting within a zone
  • Special: By spending a Fate Point, the faithful can cause the ability to affect all allies within line of sight, or all enemies within a 1 zone distance of the faithful

Stunt: Emperor’s Mercy
The faithful can channel the Emperor’s light to mend wounds and heal minds.
Grants the following trappings for Conviction:

  • Maneuver: place Aspects on allies to strengthen their bodies
  • Overcome: May treat physical and mental consequences using Conviction.
  • Overcome: May remove one stress box from the Corruption track. Roll Conviction against the highest filled stress box. Clear one stress box of number no higher than the number of shifts you generate.
  • Overcome: By spending a Fate Point, a successful treatment check also immediately removes a physical or mental consequence.
  • Overcome: By spending a Fate Point, this may also replace extreme consequences (when they relate to maladies of the mind or corruption) with an appropriate Aspect. This requires the target also spend a Fate Point.

Stunt: Emperor’s Wrath
Call upon the Emperor’s vengeance to smite His enemies.
Grants the following trappings for Conviction:

  • Attack: can be used for physical range or melee attacks (pick one when you take the stunt)
  • Maneuver: place Aspects of guidance, vengeance, and zeal that can be tagged for more potent attacks
  • Special: Attacks using Emperor’s Wrath against daemons and creatures of the warp are Blessed, and ignore additional stress boxes granted by their otherworldly nature.
  • Special: Attacks using Emperor’s Wrath against Psykers cannot be defended using Psy

Stunt: Blessings of the Faithful
Allows your character to fashion and bless accoutrements, depending on your abilities. The creation of each item requires the expenditure of 1 Fate Point (by the faithful or the recipient), and lasts until the end of the adventure. The first use of this ability each adventure is free.
Emperor’s Sign: Allows you to create a Seal of Purity, which establishes a block against daemonic intrusion. When worn on armor, treat it as an Aspect created through a maneuver; if it is a temporary Aspect, it persists through scenes until used.
Emperor’s Mercy: Allows you to create a Seal of Atonement. Wearing the Seal replaces one of the character’s Aspects with an Atonement Aspect for its duration.
Emperor’s Wrath: Allows you to bless a weapon. The weapon gains the Blessed trait, and ignores additional stress boxes granted by their otherworldly nature.

Atonement Aspects

Atonement Aspects are specially themed aspects that reflect some ordeal an individual undergoes to purify their souls. They should be phrased so that they are easy to compel.

Each time an Atonement Aspect is invoked or compelled, instead of gaining a Fate Point, the bearer gain an Atonement Token. Each time such a compel is refused, the bearer may pay for it using Atonement Tokens or Fate Points.

If a Seal of Atonement is worn through the entire adventure, the bearer removes a number of Corruption stress equal to the number of Atonement Tokens they have. All Tokens on Seals are cleared at the beginning of an adventure.

If an Atonement Aspect has replaced a consequence, at the end of a scene where enough Atonement Tokens have been accrued, they may remove the consequence.

Consequence Tokens Required
Minor 1
Major 2
Severe 4
Extreme 6 (recovery only occurs at the end of an adventure)

Acts of Faith

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