Advantages in Combat

Using the “Create an Advantage” action in combat works as specified in Fate Core, with your roll being opposed by defense roll (at full value regardless of the action type taken by the target). If an Aspect is created to affect multiple targets, the number of free tags you get of it is shared between them. This action will sometimes be called a maneuver.

Using Weapons for Advantages

You may also use your weapon directly to create an advantage against someone. This is called a weapon maneuver, and the action is subject to the same restrictions as the weapon itself. This action also expends ammo from your weapon as if you made an attack, and may only affect targets within range of your weapon.

If the weapon has Blast or Area, any created Aspects will affect multiple characters, but the number of free tags you gain is shared across those characters. If your weapon lacks those traits, you may still affect multiple characters if you have narrative justification for it (blowing up a tank of prometheum, for example).

By default, weapons wielded in two-hands gain a + 1 bonus for weapon maneuvers.

The “Create an Advantage” action ignores all other traits of a weapon, the damage and penetration of a weapon, and the armor value of the defender. These traits can, however, factor into whether the advantage is “plausible”. Using a laspistol to create an advantage on a tank by shooting at it is an unlikely proposition.

The target makes a defense roll as if they were attacked (i.e. at half skill if they took a regular action, and a result of 0 automatically if they took a focused action).

Advantages at Range

When creating advantages in range combat, defenders in cover may tag their cover aspects for free.

Advantages in Melee

When Locked in Melee, you may declare you are creating an advantage (rather than attacking) before making your Assault roll. If you succeed, you may generate Aspects and free tags as normal. If you fail, you either receive damage from an attack (if you are being targeted), or you create a free-taggable Aspect on yourself (if you are not being actively targeted).

Advantages in Combat

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