Armors conveys protection to its wearer in two ways: they may provide additional physical stress boxes and/or damage reduction. In the former case, additional stress boxes are added, typically as the third and possibly the fourth boxes of the physical track. These stress boxes are cleared whenever physical stress is clear, provided there are supply to conduct field repairs (no rolls required). In the latter case, all physical damage done to the wearer is reduced by the indicated amount, though this amount may be reduced by Penetration of a weapon.

Armor Stress Reduction Cost Aspects and Traits
Flak Armor 1 0 1 Standard issue, Hot and Bulky
Specialist Flak Armor 1 0 2 one camouflage or utility Aspect of your choice
Armored Bodyglove 1 0 3 Concealable
Carapace Armor 2 0 3 Hot and Bulky
Combat Void Suit 1 0 2 Sealed, Bulky
Light Power Armor 1 1 5 Noisy
Scout Power Armor 0 2 6
Tactical Power Armor 2 2 7 +1 Might, counts as +1 damage melee weapon, Hulking, Noisy, Sealed
Devastator Power Armor 2 2 8 Weapon Armiture, Hulking, Noisy, Sealed
Terminator Power Armor 2 4 12 Vehicle Armor: 4, Indomitable, Hulking, Noisy, Sealed

Indomitable: Immune to suppression. Cannot be affected by knocked down, knocked back, or similar effects.
Weapon Armiture: A stabilizing servo is built into this armor. You may setup or breakdown a heavy weapon as part of another minor action (incurring the same -1 penalty to your standard action).


Shields may be carried in your off-hand to give you more defensive options. Different shields accomplish this in different ways, but each shield may also be used as melee weapons with 1 damage and 0 penetration, with any other traits associated with the shield.

Weapon Cost Aspects and Traits
Dueling Targe 0 Parrying, Versatile
Augustana Ballistic Shield 2 Parrying, Cover
Arbites Suppression Shield 4 Parrying, Cover, Shocking, Nonlethal
Astartes Combat Shield 4 Versatile, Power Field
Astartes Storm Shield 6 Parrying, Power Field, Passive Cover

Cover – The shield can be set up as cover against range attacks. You may take a minor action to use the shield as a Cover Aspect at any time.
Passive Cover – The size and bulk of the shield allows it to be used as cover at all times. The wielder may free-tag the shield as a Cover Aspect without taking a minor action.
Power Field – The shield is protected from attacks by Power weapons by a Power Field.
Versatile – This shield leaves your offhand free, but you incur a -1 penalty to actions using your offhand if you moved this turn.

Deprecated: Armors v1.0


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