Astartes Armory

The following contains a list of special equipment only available to space marine warriors:

Jump Pack

Cost: 4
The Jump Pack is a backpack attachment for space marine power armors that sends them hurling into the midst of enemy formations where they can wreck havoc in close combat.

Spend a Fate Point to activate the jet pack. As your standard action, move a number of zones equal to your Assault, unobstructed by ground based obstacles. Then make an Assault check against all enemies in the zone to inflicting the Knocked down trait on them. This ability has the Disrupt trait. You may use Astartes Doctrines to activate this ability.

Purity Seals

Cost: 3

The purity seal is an honor that can only be bestowed by a space marine Chaplain. It is only given as a blessing to a battle-brother who is undertaking an especially dangerous and vital mission. Should they return successful, they have proven the blessing true, and earned the right to wear the purity seal as a sign of his faith and devotion.

On each purity seal is writ a particular blessing, such as “no xenos blade shall piece the brothers flesh”, “once within the brother’s sight, no enemy shall live to see another day”. Describe such a blessing as if it was a Chapter Aspect. Once per scene, you may either invoke the blessing by this aspect, or when invoking another aspect where the blessing may apply, add a + 1 bonus to the roll.

Refractor Field

Cost: 5

A refractor field is a portable void shield generator that disperses incoming kinetic and energy attacks, dissipating them harmlessly over a larger area.

While active, the refractor field has the skill Shield at 4, which has the trapping of being able to defend against physical and energy attacks (including physical manifestations of psionics, but not mental attacks, social attacks, or most warp related powers). The shield skill cannot create boosts or aspects on the attacker, or make use of defensive aspects such as cover.

When targeted by an attack that it can defend against, you must use Shield skill to defend. If you succeed, the attack is dispersed harmlessly and the shield holds. If you fail, the shield collapses and the refractor field deactivates; you also must defend normally against the remaining shifts of the attacker (but still cannot create boosts or aspects on the attacker).

The shield’s effects are triggered by high bursts of kinetic or radiant energy and is effective against most range and melee attacks, but small, slow moving projectiles or blades may bypass its protection.

Attacks with the Shocking trait may provide 1 shift toward overcoming Shield, instead of its usual effect.

A refractor field can be reactivated by enacting the proper maintenance rites out of combat.


Cost: 7

The Rosarius is an amulet sized icon of the Ecclessiarchy and its use in Astartes forces are rare, usually confined only to the Chaplains of each Chapter.

Functions as a Refractor Field of Shield skill 5. But as a holy relic of the Ecclessiarchy, its distinctive shape is recognized by many Imperial citizens, and functions as a taggable aspect for their devotion (or lack thereof).

Iron Halo

Cost: 8

The Iron Halo is a circular device fixed to the gorget or power pack of a power armor, often stylized as a literal halo over the space marine’s helmet. It is often bestowed upon space marines as a sign of rank, and fellow battle-brothers will often look to them for leadership and wisdom.

Functions as a Refractor Field of Shield skill 6. It also functions as a taggable rank aspect when leading other space marines, and can be used to compel other space marines into supporting your actions.

Astartes Armory

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