Command Squad

Because of the highly structure and effective chain of command, all Imperial Guard units gain special benefits when they are able to interact with the command hierarchy. In each firefight where an Imperial Guard commander is placed in charge of battle, the Command Squad rules are considered to be in effect.

Design one squad as the Command Squad and assumes strategic command of the battlefield. Determine the Command Radius, typically represented by the Presence of the commanding character, absent any special communications gear. Squads (including characters with attached squads, but not solo characters) are considered to be commanded if their distance from the Command Squad is no greater than the Command Radius.

The Command Squad may make a Snap Decision:

Snap Decision: Once per turn, you may use up a free tag on an appropriate tactical or military Aspect to allow you to reroll a die roll associated with an attack, maneuver or overcome action performed by a commanded squad. You must use your Command skill in place of their skill for this reroll.

Rally Cry: Once per turn, the Command Squad may defend a commanded squad against mental and social attacks using the commander’s Presence skill in place of their skill. Unlike Snap Decision, this does not require a free tag, and must be decided before the roll.

Stratagem: If an opposing commanded squad is within your Command Radius, you may mount attacks on their strategy. Treat this as an attack from one Command Squad on the other. Determine the appropriate skill as follows from the fiction:

  • If the action makes use of advance tactical knowledge, use Tactica. Tactica can only be used to attack this way.
  • If the action requires detailed coordination of troops, use Command. Command may be used to attack or defend.
  • If the action is inspiration from the commander, use Presence. Presence can only be used to defend this way.

Consequences generated this way must be absorbed by the commanded squads involved, or they are taken out.

Command Squad with other Factions

The Command Squad abilities are considered to be drilled into every able body conscript and recruit in Basic Training, and reinforced on a daily basis through rigorous exercises. They are free stunts for every Imperial Guard commander and unit.

Other factions may make use of Command Squad abilities, but must purchase them as separate stunts: Snap Decision, Rally Cry, and Stratagem.

Command Squad

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