At any time in place, a player may choose to take on accumulated corruption as a permanent fixture of their character. Doing so is called burning corruption and immediately clears a Corruption Consequence by transferring it to one of the Aspects on the character.

Typically, this happens when a character is under severe duress, and through sheer force of will has exerted themselves beyond the ken of mere mortals. This manifests itself in sudden burst of severe mutations or permanent mental trauma. At any time, a character may choose to burn their Corruption Consequence by changing it and adopting it as one of the main Aspects of the character.

The Corruption Aspect may replace one of the character’s regular Aspect, or may augment their High Concept (but typically not the Trouble). Such a Corruption Aspect should sufficiently reflect the nature of the source of corruption, though the connection may be through the twisted metaphors spawned by Chaos. The severity of the Corruption Aspect should reflect the consequence slot that was cleared; however, typically all Corruption Aspects should largely work against the character (in the same spirit as Extreme Consequences) — such an Aspect may be compelled to make the character act irrationally or be singled out due to a physical abnormality. Additionally, the seductive influence of Chaos is such that such a blight on a soul may always be compelled to further the corruption of that spirit.

This corruption of the soul also impinges on the free will of the character, reducing their refresh by one. However, this may be compensated by the addition of a corruption stunt that reflects the nature of the Corruption Aspect.

2. Examples

A guardsman sergeant leads the charge to interrupt an obscene cultist ritual. In the final moments of the struggle, he stares upon the grotesque sigils at the center of the heretic runes and suffers a Moderate Corruption Consequence, Harrowed Faith. In a later battle, he suffers additional consequences, which threaten to take him out. Instead, he decides to burn off the Corruption Consequence by replacing one of his Aspects. The player decides the sergeant overcomes his Harrowed Faith by becoming suicidally fanatical, taking on the Corruption Aspect, Reckless Zeal. He also reduces his refresh by 1 and gains the free stunt Reckless Charge: Gain +1 Assault when leading a charge against overwhelming heresy.


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