Basic Cybernetics

Take stunt to get +1 or +2 skill bonus for specific actions, to gain certain abilities (low light vision, etc), or to have built-in equipment. Does not grant access to Mechadendrites.

Example Cybernetics:

Bionic Arm: +1 Might when lifting heavy objects or breaking through obstacles
Bionic Eye: Low-light Vision: +1 Perception under low light conditions (but not complete darkness)
Bionic Eye: Infrared Vision: allows the user to detect heat signatures by sight
Bionic Heart: +1 Might, Athletics or Endurance when combating physical fatigue
Bionic Lungs: +2 Endurance against harmful gases or lack of oxygen
Bionic Legs: +1 Athletics when taking the Sprint action
Advanced Interface Port: +1 to Lore and Logis when conducting research at a terminal

Ad Mech Adept

1. Take an Aspect reflecting your indoctrination into the Cult Mechanicus.
2. Use of cybernetics is now tied to your Logis or Tech skill.
3. Take the Mechanicus Implants stunt, representing the first of many blessings your character will receive from the Omnissiah. Details below.
4. Each “piece” of cybernetics is represented by a stunt:

  • Take a stunt as per Basic Cybernetics
  • Take a stunt to gain two skill trappings for Logis or Tech. Both trappings must have specific and related applications.
  • Take a stunt to gain one broad skill trapping for Logis or Tech.
    Note this allows you to use Logis or Tech for trappings otherwise covered by other skills. Trappings that require mental acuity are keyed to Logis; ones that involve on physical action are keyed to Tech.
    The Aspect can be invoked to boost your cybernetics, Logis or Tech skill, or knowledge of machine lore; it can be compelled to act within the tenants of the Cult Mechanicus.

Stunt: Mechanicus Implants
The basic Mechanicus blessings enhance the supplicant’s central nervous systems with the Cyber-Mantle, a framework of metal, wires and transmitters, allowing them to sense magnetic fields and siphon energy directly through their bodies. This also includes the addition of a Sense-Link, allowing direct divine communion with machine spirits.

“Personal” / Heretek Augmentations*

As Ad Mech Adept, but without an associated Cult Mechanicus aspect. However, cybernetics use is now tied to a new skill Augmentics, rather than the Tech skill. Augmetics has limited actions outside those you add through stunts: it may be used to gain knowledge on cybernetics, and maintaining cybernetic equipment.

Sample Ad Mech Cybernetics stunts:

Sensory Augmentation

Augur Array: A sensor array that allows the use Logis in place of Perception when detecting biological, energy signatures, motion, and other anomalies
Bionic Olfaction: Allows the use of Logis to discern different smells, identifying the composition of chemicals, and detection of airborn toxins
Vox Synthesizers: Use Logis in place of Deceit to perform mimicry. Once per scene, you may perform a feedback screech: Logis vs Resolve maneuver against all creatures in the zone to place Stunned on them.
Subvocal Rites: Augmetically blessed voice box broadcasts recites infrasonic liturgies in Techna-Lingua that trigger awe and fear. Allows the use of Logis to place appropriate emotional Aspects on humans. The liturgies are outside of the hearing range of normal humans, who will not know the user is speaking at all. It is considered very bad form to halt the incantations prior to their completion.

Luminen Augmentations

Each tech-priest’s nervous system is enhanced with an electrical framework that can be used to sense and manipulate surrounding energy fields. The tech-priest can additionally be blessed with luminen stacks, which directly convert bio-energy into electrical manifestations.

Each use of luminen stunts inflicts 1 point of mental stress on the tech-priest. However, for each luminen stunt, the tech-priest gains one free use of luminen stunts per scene.

Luminen Shock: Allows you to discharge powerful jolts of electricity to any foes foolish enough to come into close quarters. Does one of the following: (1) Use Tech in place of Assault for melee attacks or grappling rolls, (2) Adds Shocking to your melee attacks, or (3) Your melee attacks target the mental stress track.
Luminen Blast: Allows you to blast a nearby target with powerful arc of electricity. Allows you to make range 1 attack with Tech. This attack may target the mental track, or it gains the Shocking trait.

Cogitative Implants

Logis Implant: This implant helps sort and filter the user’s sensory input, allowing him to react at preternatural speeds. Use Logis in place of Perception when determining if the user is surprised, and for initiative.
Rite of Pure Thought: The character has replaced the creative half of his brain with sacred cranial circuitry. He can no longer feel emotion and may use Logis in place of Resolve for resisting mental manipulations. The character’s comrades may find the character somewhat cold, though other followers of the Omnissiah will rejoice in the character’s new-found freedom.


Ballistic Mechadendrite: Mounts and operates a Small ranged weapon without encumbering your hands.
Mechadendrite Targeting: Allows you to use Tech to fire Ballistic Mechadendrite weapons.
Manipulator Mechadendrite: While keeping your hands free, mounts and wields a Light melee weapon with an additional Aspect reflecting its specific nature. Grants + 1 to Might for lifting.
Servo-Arm (requires Manipulator Mechadendrite): Upgrades the Manipulator Mechadendrite to a Servo-Arm, giving it +2 damage when used as a weapon, and allows you to use Tech in place of Assault.
Combat Disassembly (requires Servo-Arm): When attacking with your Servo-Arm, it gains Antivehicle(4).
Medicae Mechadendrite: Supplies tools equivalent to a medicae bay for performing Medicae tests. Conveys +1 Medicae for first aid, and +1 Instigate for interrogation and intimidation.
Optical Mechadendrite: Use Tech in place of Perception and Investigation when searching for small objects.

More than Human

Autosanguine: Small machines blessed by the Cult Machinicus swim through the user’s blood. +1 to Medicae rolls on the user. Allows the user to assist his own healing through a Tech roll, in place of Medicae.
Alloyed Body: So much of your body has been augmented with blessed implants that you might as well be a machine in being. Use Tech in place of Endurance for determining your physical stress track
Bionic Heart: This blessing to the vital organ allows enriched blood to be rapidly pumped through your body to combat extreme exertion. Use Tech in place of Endurance to combat physical fatigue.

Miscellaneous Augmentations

Ferric Summons: Use Tech to attempt to pull a light metal object from a distance. +1 difficulty per zone, +1 difficulty per kg. If the object is in the current zone, may be picked up as a free action.


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