Divine Realities

The Lore and Investigate skills can be used to divine the realities to reveal useful facts about the situation. Lore reveals information secreted within the arcane histories and technical documents of the different branches within the Imperium, and even forbidden and forgotten archives on the fringes or ruins of civilization. Investigation reveals the current realities of a current subject of interest, typically a particular person, object, or location.

Lore and Investigate can be used in two ways: Quick Check and Devoted Research. A Quick Check reveals cursory information based on what is available on hand. Devoted Research takes time and effort, and also access to certain resources and repositories, but may reveal deeper connections and more relevant information.

Quick Check

A quick Lore check reveals whether a character knows something offhand. Does the Hive Scum know the fastest route through the Hive roadways? Does the Guardsman know how to drive the Leman Russ? The character making the Lore Check must have a relevant Aspect to attempt the check, even if tangentially.

A quick Investigation check reveals clues that are hidden in the area. Despite the name, this check will take some time (at least one scene) as the character dedicates time to search the location. The Investigate check may be opposed by a Burglary, Stealth or appropriate roll if effort was taken to cover their tracks.

Devoted Research

Sometimes, the information that a character is seeking is only available after thorough research. For a Lore check, this will involve archives, libraries and other arcane repositories. For an Investigate check, this will involve digging through cogitator records, commlink inquiries and good old fashion legwork.

Use the following guideline to determine the difficulty of a Research roll:

Base Difficulty:

2: Knowledge is obscure, but readily available legally provided one knows where to look
4: Knowledge is secured, possibly illegal. Acquiring this knowledge may require crossing or circumventing parties tasked with protecting it.
8: Knowledge is Heretical. The Inquisition or the Mechanicus actively suppresses or destroys this sort of information.
*: If the knowledge is actively being suppressed, treat it as an opposed test.

If a character succeeds, he acquires the required information, though it may have attracted unwanted attention. If the character succeeds with style, the player may select one bonus from the following list:

  • You do not draw unwanted attention
  • You find the information quickly
  • You find out something useful. Make an Aspect with one free tag about it. When you use the free tag, reveal what you found out.
  • Ask one question of the GM about this topic.

If a character fails, the GM may reveal information about the topic anyways. The GM choose one of the following:

  • The knowledge is incomplete, misleading or contains falsehoods
  • Someone has taken notice of your inquest, and takes action immediately. Place an appropriate Aspect with one free tag.
  • If you are investigating a Heresy, you have delved too deeply into the subject, and discovered why it is branded so. You gain an affliction associated with the Heresy. Place an appropriate Aspect about it with one free tag, or place a Corruption Consequence on the character with no free tags.

Forbidden Lore

Certain topics and knowledge are considered heretical. The Inquisition or the Mechanicus actively hunts down unsanctioned individuals possessing of these Forbidden Lores. Taking a Forbidden Lore stunt steeps your character in an area of knowledge to most citizens of the Imperium.

Forbidden Lore: Select a specialty. You can +2 Lore when you try to recall or find out additional information pertaining to this area of forbidden knowledge. You may select additional area of specialty by having an appropriate Aspect. When you fail a Lore check, you are safe from inadvertent consequences of delving too deeply into the subject matter. Possessing this stunt does not necessary grant you legitimate access to that knowledge.

Example specialties include:

  • A particular Xenos species
  • The Warp
  • Daemons
  • Xenotech
  • Archeotech
  • Abominable Intelligence

Divine Realities

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