Elite Crew Stunt

A void-ship sails between the stars on the endless toil of thousands of souls. The fate of these thousands are guided by the light of only an illuminated few. But these leaders are not without help. As the Lord-Captain has a retinue of trusted advisers, many of the senior officers can count on the distinguished records of a cadre of loyal followers. They may be zealous devotees of the Imperial Creed, loyal myrmidons resolute in the face of any danger, or a crack team of tech-priests willing to brave plasma fire to return the ship to combat conditions. These are represent in Fate 40k by Elite Crew Stunts.

Each player character who is also a senior officer of a void-ship may take at most one Elite Crew Stunt in place of a normal Stunt.

An Elite Crew is represented as a Squad that may also act independently or in coordination with the character. The Elite Crew has three components, a keyed stunt, a keyed skill, and a Minor Consequence slot.

While attached to the character in a Firefight or board the void-ship with the character, the Elite Crew functions by granting the character access to their keyed stunt.

While not attached, the character may spend a Fate point to allow the Elite Crew to act independently. For this purpose, their keyed skill has the same rating as the skill on the controlling character.

The Elite Crew also have access to a Minor Consequence slot, which may be used to absorb damage in a firefight, or to prevent Crew Shock in a void encounter. However, unlike normal consequence slots, the moment the Elite Crew fills the consequence slot, treat it as if they have Conceded the fight. The consequence slot cannot be cleared until an approach check is made to rally the Elite Crew, or restore their numbers.

If attacked directly in a Firefight, an Elite Crew is treated as having no stress boxes.

Example Elite Crew Stunts

“Away Team” Elite Crews

Elite Crew: Household Stormtroopers
While attached to a character during a Firefight, provides a character with 1 Fate Point to tag an Aspect each round; this Aspect only provides a +1 bonus. When not attached, the Household Stormtroopers gains Command as a keyed skill.

Elite Crew: Ogryn Shocktroops
While attached to a character during a Firefight, provides the character with +1 Assault if they have tagged an Aspect this turn. When not attached, the Ogryn Shocktroops gains Assault as a keyed skill.

Elite Crew: Biologis Chirurgeon Radicals
While attached to a character, provides the character with +1 Medicae while dealing with xenos biology. When not attached, the Biologis Chirurgeons gains Medicae as a keyed skill.

“Shipboard” Elite Crews

Elite Crew: Commissar’s Own Gun Crew
While attached to a character, provides the character with +1 Provoke when firing Macrocannon Batteries. When not attached, the Commissar may use Provoke as a keyed skill.

Elite Crew: Astropath Choir
While attached to a character, provides the character with +1 Psy when transmitting or receiving thoughts over astronomic distances. When not attached, the Astropath Choir gains Psy as a keyed skill.

GM’s Notes: comparison with normal stunts

Because they represent an entire team at the disposal of a character, Elite Crew Stunts are designed to be more versatile than regular stunts, granting access to a normal stunt while attached, and granting some degree of independent action as well. However, this is balanced against the ability for Elite Crew to be injured and taken out of commission, both indirectly (to avoid Crew Shock in void combat) or directly (by attacking them in a firefight).

Elite Crew Stunt

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