Enhancing and Limiting Skills

“She cannae take anymore cap’n. She’s gonna blow.”
— Enginseer Prime Scottius Mont Gammarius

Characters influence the world around them through the use of their skills. However, sometimes, they are limited by what they have to work with, be it stubborn machinery or simple physics. Other times, the machine spirit within an arcane vessel has been so blessed that it will heed the commands of the simplest of guardsmen and execute it with uncanny efficacy.

When a piece of machinery has a System Rating that is enhanced by an associated skill, increase the System Rating by one if the operator has an associated skill that is higher than the Rating. This reflects the (albeit limited) effect that a proficient operator has on the efficacy of the machine spirit.

When the System Rating that is limited by associated skills, decrease the System Rating by one if the operator has no associated skills at a level on par with the Rating or greater. In this case, the clumsiness of the operator has offended the machine spirit, distracting it from its designated task.

Enhancing and Limiting Skills

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