General Stunts

Creating Your Stunts

Stunts generally fall in a number of categories. Use the following categories as a guideline when creating your own stunts:

  • + 1 bonus to a skill for one specific application
  • + 2 bonus to a skill for one very specific application
  • Add a new trapping to a skill
  • Change the skill that one of your stress tracks is based on
  • Take two specific minor actions as one minor action
  • Signature Aspect: Pick an aspect. You gain 1 free tag of that Aspect per session. Compels of that Aspect must cost 2 Fate Points.

Example Combat Stunts

Stunt: Tactical Advance
As a Minor Action, you may Move:1 and take cover.

Stunt: Furious Charge
As a full round action, you may Move:1 and make a melee attack.

Stunt: Combat Parkour
When you take a Sprint action and you move through any zone with a Cover Aspect, you are considered to have taken cover until the start of your next turn.

Stunt: Evasive Runner
When you take a Sprint action, you may use your full Athletics to defend, as if you had taken the Active Defense action.

Special Stunts

Stunt: Commissar Training
Prerequisite: Character must be a Commissar
Gain +1 on physical and social attacks against Imperial Guardsmen under your jurisdiction, when you are in a position to threaten them with disciplinary action.

General Stunts

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