Melee Weapons

Weapon Damage Penetration Cost Aspects and Traits
Improvized 0 0 <detrimental>, Unbalanced
Combat Knife 0 0 0 Light
Battle Hammer 0 0 1 Momentum
Shock Truncheon 1 0 2 Shocking, Nonlethal
Chain Sword 1 0 2 Shredding, Parrying
Chain Axe 1 0 3 Shredding, Deadly(1)
Chain Halberd 2 0 3 Shredding, Two-handed, Reach
Eviscerator 2 4 4 Shredding, Unwieldy, Two-handed, Power Field
Power Sword 2 2 4 Power Weapon, Parrying
Power Axe 2 2 5 Power Weapon, Deadly(1)
Power Maul 3 0 5 Power Weapon, Shocking
Power Fist 2 4 6 Power Weapon, Unwieldy, Antivehicle(2)
Thunder Hammer 3 0 7 Power Field, Two-handed, Momentum or Disruptive
Lightning Claws 2 2 7 Power Weapon, Deadly(2)
Force Staff 1 3 7 Force Weapon, Two-handed
Force Sword 2 4 9 Force Weapon

Concussive: On a successful attack, the attacker may spend one shift to knockdown the target. This inflicts the stunned trait on them.
Disruptive: Ignores Advantage in Numbers of squads as if it was an Area weapon.
Force: In the hands of a Psyker, Force weapons act as they have the Power Weapon trait. If their Psy skill is at least as good as their Assault skill, they get + 1 Assault. In the hands of a normal person, it has Penetration of 0.
Momentum: This weapon may be wielded using Assault or Might. When wielded using Assault, it gains Concussive; when wielded using Might, it gains Antivehicle(2).
Power Weapon: When assaulting an enemy whose melee weapon does not have Power Weapon or Power Field, if you succeed with style, you choose to sunder your opponent’s weapon instead. This puts an Aspect on the weapon that prevents its use until suitably repaired after the firefight.
Power Field: Protects against Power Weapon (see its entry).
Parrying: Expend a minor action to reroll your Assault roll; you cannot inflict melee damage this turn.
Reach: By expending a supplemental action, you may make melee attacks into an adjacent zone. This does not apply Locked in Melee on its target.
Shocking: If the target takes any physical stress or consequence from the attack, they also take one mental stress damage.
Shredding: If the attack hits, may modify damage dealt by rerolling 1 die on the 4dF roll.
Two-handed: Requires two hands to wield
Unwieldy: -1 Assault unless you expend a supplemental action. May be removed with special training (a stunt).

Signature Weapons

These are signature weapons favored by various regiments of the Imperial Guard

Weapon Damage Penetration Cost Aspects and Traits
Battle Axe 0 0 1 Deadly(1)
Throwing Axe 0 0 1 Thrown

The natives of Ragnarok within the Ragnarok Raiders favor their traditional battle axe over the Imperial Guard close quarter weapons. A lighter thrown variant is also in use, with skilled wielders able to hit moving targets over sides of small buildings.

Thrown: This weapon can be thrown with deadly accuracy over long distances. It may be used as a ranged weapon with Range:1, using the Assault skill. The weapon cannot be used again until it is retrieved (minor action when in target zone).

See Armors for Shield options

Melee Weapons

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