Minor Action

During their each turn in a Firefight, characters may take one minor action for free in addition to their normal action. A minor action typically requires little effort or concentration and should not require a roll — for example, drawing or stowing a weapon, reloading small arms, retrieving or picking up items, and taking cover. Taking a minor action does not penalize your standard action in anyway.

Common Minor Actions

Take Cover: Allows your character to take cover behind a suitable Aspect in your zone. See Firefight for details.

Move 1 Zone: As a minor action, you may move to an adjacent zone. This is equivalent to Move:1, and so you cannot use this action move into a zone through a border that requires a higher move value to bypass.

Brace Weapon: Range weapons may be braced, giving you a +1 bonus on one attack and maneuver roll for that weapon this turn.

Minor Action

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