Nyx Infernus

ENV: Hostile (-3) : tidal locked planet
DEV: Hive World (2)
INT: Sectarian with hidden heretical elements (0)

“The hive is your family. Leave it at your peril.” – tightly knit communities, defensive against outsiders, and turn their nose at those who venture into the stars
Of All Colours – highly sectarian

Nyx Infernus is a small, tidally locked planet with a highly metallic and dense composition. The zone of habitation stretches the horizon line from pole to pole, which over the years, have become a torus shape hive city structure. The planet was originally settled during the Dark Age of Technology as a mining outpost, but was rediscovered during the Great Crusade when it was converted to a stellar energy station. It was during this time that most of the facilities on this planet were established, the Infernus solar farms, the maglev network, the Nyx Glacia spaceport, and the orbital He-3 collectors.

The ruling class of Nyx Infernus is a reclusive lot known only as the Core. The only interactions with the Core are conducted through a specialized caste called the Chosen, each of whom serve a one year term, the conclusion of which is terminal.

Due to the physical layout of the hab ring, the communities across Nyx Infernus are very sectarian and insular, each with their own particular specializations essential to the running of the planet. Maglev tracks run alongside hab ring, cooled by the frigid environment on the Nyx side, providing transportation of people and material to all of its communities.


See: Nyx Infernus Map

Hab Ring

The hab ring is the main structure housing most of the planet’s inhabitants. It runs all along the horizon line from pole to pole, from multistoried complexes in the northern pole near the spaceport, to the more sparsely spaced mining nodes with dusty brick heat shields in the south.

Due to the extreme temperatures from continuous exposure to the elements, the outer sections of the hab ring can make for uncomfortable quarters at best, and its squalor often house shadier elements. The center throughway contains the most prestigious housing.

The Promenade

The Promenade is the main throughway tunneling through the center of hab ring at ground level. Its multilevel interior is the closest most of its inhabitants ever get to looking out to open sky. The lowest levels contain the communal cafeteria, pubs, and social centers of various communities. The upper levels house ritzier joints, restaurants, watered gardens and stores.

Nyx Spaceport

The Nyx Spaceport is located well into the Nyx hemisphere, in the northern and leading portion of the planet. The proximity of Nyx Infernus to its parent star requires most space faring vessels to remain within the planet’s shadow on their approach to the planet.

The spaceport is operated by a detachment from the Adeptus Mechanicus, currently under the direction of an elderly techpriest known as the Grandmother of Nyx.

Omega Station

Constructed during the Great Crusade, the Omega energy collector station is the nexus that connects energy from the solar farms and channels them to the hab ring and spaceport beyond. Immense corridors of high voltage cables fan out from the building, and a half buried central trunk tunnels its way toward the horizon. The facility is operated by the Adeptus Mechanicus, and a hive of tech priests and servitors monitor and maintain the ancient equipment at all times.

Hall of the Chosen

The opulent Halls of the Chosen house the Chosen, people of a caste whose only purpose of their short lives is to serve as the messengers between the reclusive Core and the rest of the planet, and indeed the rest of the galaxy. During their brief one-year tenure, the Chosen live in luxurious comfort, tended to by numerous servants with averted eyes. Ornate and exotic furniture adorn this hall, along with artwork from the past ages, all hinting at the luxuries available in the Core’s underground palace, rumored to be accessible only beyond the Halls of the Chosen, hidden away from prying eyes deep underground.

Other Places of Note

Communications Relay Array 36
Sensor Station Sigma-1
Peratum Temple


Monsters of Nyx (Resolved);

Resolved: Threat – Monsters of the Night
Cultists of Infernus (Still around?)

Cult of Tzeentch

Threat – (Cult of Tzeentch) Something Sinister Stalks the Shadows


Inquisitor Hadrius
Messenger Adys
Messenger Dimitrius
Grandmother Cadniss
‘General’ Haronen Scipio
Major Cornelius Lorasia


The Core – The ruling class, rarely seen outside of their underground palace, rumored to be extremely pale
The Chosen – T chaste whose sole purpose is to become messengers of the Core, a task which they perform for only 1 standard year
Solarians – Aloof, extreme outdoorsmen servicing the solar farms on sunside, used to the desert heat and eternal, blistering day
Borers – Hardy, down to earth mining workers in the southern hemisphere, a remnant from a time before the boom of the energy economy in the subsector; looked down upon by the rest of the planet as being backwards and uncivilized.
Druids – Rustic fungal farmers from the underhive, toil every day in the dark, recycling organic waste into myco-food
Nyxians – Spaceport workers, affiliation with Adeptus Mechanicus, used to the cold of nightside
Voidgazers – Small, eccentric group working on the He-3 collector stations that orbit the planet
Augustana News Network (ANN) – sector wide news network, based in Vallis Augustana
Nyxian Nightly News (N-3) – local news network, operated out of the spaceport proper

Nyx Infernus

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