Ogryns are a subspecies of humans (“abhumans”) who have physiology adapted to high gravity worlds. They trade off any semblance of finesse and agility for high bone density and muscle mass. Ogryns are also thought of as simple and uncultured, though renowned for their toughness and prowess in combat.

Ogryn high concept

A character’s ogryn nature must be reflected in the character’s high concept. This high concept may be invoked when the character pushes their physical prowess through shows of strength, bulk or toughness. The aspect may be compelled if the ogryn’s bulk and lack of finesse gets him into trouble. Ogryns have a reputation of breaking all but the most rugged pieces of military equipment, and their simple intellect often see them bumbling into awkward situations.

Ogryn stunts

An ogryn character may take any of the following stunts. These are only available to ogryn characters.

Stunt: Unnatural Toughness
When you take physical damage, reduce it by 1.

Stunt: Loyal Companion
Pick a character to be Your Friend. Once per scene, when Your Friend is physically threatened, you may immediately spend a Fate Point on their behalf if you are in a position to intervene. On your next turn, you receive a free Fate Point that must be used immediately. If Your Friend is Taken Out, you receive two Fate Points instead.


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