Ork Vehicles

Bika Boyz

FASTA! LOUDA!” – Deys good at goin’ fast, and goin’ loud! Make other orks fight ’arder.

5: Waaagh! Ridin’ (Machinery and Tech for war bikes)
4: Shootin’
3: Choppin’
2: Tuff
1: Survivin’

Physical: 3, Cohesion: 7 (Mob)

Vehicle Armor: 1
Tuff Armor: +2 Armor

Chain Choppa: damage:2, melee, Shredding
Dakkagun: damage:2, penetration:2, Full-auto

Stunt: Charge ’n Chop!: As a full action, move 1 zone, make melee attack with Ridin’
Stunt: Cruisin’: Minor action: move 2 zones


“Rumblin’ and cruisin’ bucket o’ scrap” – On gud dayz, da trukk’ll take a poundin’. On bad dayz, you gotta git out ’n push!

Vehicle Armor: 2
Armor: 4
Maneuverability: + 0
Consequence: Mild (+ 2), Moderate (+ 4)
Default crew skill: 4
Autocannon (Turret): damage:2, pen:2, range:3, Area, Suppression, Full-auto

Stunt: Armored Sides: Provides cover for garrisoned orks.
Stunt: Grechin Crew: If the trukk does not take any actions, may roll crew skill versus highest damaged stress box to repair 1 stress box (lowest first).


Mechanical Scrap Horror

7: Assault —> Buzz Claws: damage: 2, pen:2, AV:2, Disruptive
5: Endurance
4: Ork Tech
3: Rampage (Athletics)
2: Mekanical Presence (Inspires Orks)
1: Perception

Vehicle Armor: 3
Extra Bitz: Armor: + 3

All-terrain Walker: Difficult terrain does not impede movement
Heavy Crush: May spend 1 shift of movement to crush a cover aspect and unreinforced obstacles
Charge!: Full Action: Move 1 zone, make a melee attack
Special Attack: Crushing Claws: On a successful melee attack, may spend 2 shifts or 1 FP to inflict the “Grabbed” aspect on its target. While active, this aspect immobilizes the target, and becomes free-taggable once next turn.
Special Attack: Burna Bitz: On a successful melee attack, may spend 1 shift or 1 FP to add Fiery, Hazard and Area to the attack.

Attack Squigz

Instinctive Aspect: Chomp nom nom! – Da ‘tack Squigz’ll eat anyfing not bigga or tuffa then ’em. (Invoking this aspect gives a + 3 bonus)

5: Assault —> Serrated Teef: pen:2
4: Athletics
3: Perception
2: Survival
1: Endurance

Physical: 3, Cohesion: 6 (Mob)
Thick Hide: + 1 Toughness

Squig Rider: Allows one of the following actions per turn:

  • Make an melee attack without Serrated Teef at the end of a standard movement
  • Expend a minor action to move 1
  • Make a Squig ’andling:4 roll to control the squig.

The squig rider may be sacrificed at any time to absorb a minor consequence (+ 2).

Optional: Squad: + 1 Assault, + 1 Athletics


Instinctive Aspect: Chomp nom nom! – Da ‘tack Squigz’ll eat anyfing not bigga or tuffa then ’em. (Invoking this aspect gives a + 3 bonus)

7: Trample – Disruptive
6: Bite – Concussive, Antivehicle(4)
5: Endurance
4: Intimidate – Area when demoralizing
3: Resolve
2: Survival
1: Perception

Physical: 5, additional mild physical consequence
Thick Hide: + 2 Toughness
’eavy Armor: + 3 Vehicle Armor

Stunt: Lumbering Strides: Use Trample to move. Moves a maximum for 3 zones per round. May spend 1 shift to crush a cover aspect.
Stunt: Trample!: When it uses Trample to move at least 1 zone, may use the remainder of the roll to make a melee attack in its final zone.
Stunt: Da Castle: Comes with a fortified platform on its back that carries a mob of boyz. The platform is its own zone, and providing cover.

Ork Vehicles

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