“Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don’t count. If we runs for it we don’t die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!”

Orks are a perpetual menace to human colonies throughout the imperium. Besides their hulking stature and brutish strength, they have a unique physiology that is a symbiosis of animal body and fungal nervous and circulatory system, that lends them a resiliency bordering on extreme. Orks are able to shrug off blows that would be immediately lethal to any human, and are able to regenerate and recover from grievous wounds with little more than superficial scaring. Stories abound of orks who simply reattach lost limbs (sometimes no even theirs), with some outlandish claims that even decapitation is only a temporary hindrance to their vitality.

Being part fungal, ork also reproduce through spores that they shed constantly, though especially vigorously in their death. As such, orks are virtually impossible to eradicate from worlds once an infestation takes hold, as the greenskins can grow, virtually fully mature, from even a handful of spores. Orks also appear to inherit genetic memories from their precursors, with many of their knowledge and skills manifesting spontaneously as they grow.

Ork culture, if it could be called such, prize three things above all: “speed, noise and fighting”. They do not take pleasure in killing as much as the actual fighting itself, and most orks will use any excuse to start a fight with each other. Authority and rank within ork society is determined by size; though it has been observed that orks may grow spontaneously in size in anticipation of challenging the leaders.

Finally, and perhaps the most frightening of all, there is the fact that all orks seem to possess latent psychic powers, and produce an immense level of background psychic noise when they congregate in groups called a WAAAGH!. Particularly powerful orks within a WAAAGH! are able to harness this psychic potential to devastating effect.

Free Ork Stunts

Ork Stunt: ’ard to Kill
“Gif me dat arm. I’z need a new wun.”
The physiology of orks such that they recover quickly from wounds that would be immediately fatal to a human. All physical consequences recover one stage more quickly and without aid, including extreme consequences.

Ork Stunt: Make it Work!
Orks seem to have an innate talent for making technology (particularly human technology) work, even when they very well shouldn’t. In the hands of an ork, a weapon with Unreliable looses its trait, and weapon with Very Unreliable becomes Unreliable, and 1 WAAAGH! may be spent to prevent the Jammed result.


In any scene, the leader of a group of orks gains a resource called WAAAGH! equal to the number of orks he controls, including himself, with squads counted twice. WAAAGH! may be used as skill, or spent as points (in which case they are lost permanently until refreshed at the next scene). If the leader is kill, half of the remaining WAAAGH! is immediately lost and cannot be used until a new leader is found.

WAAAGH! has the following trappings:

  • Spend 1 WAAAGH! to absorb 1 shift of damage to any of ork ally (once per exchange)
  • Spend 1 WAAAGH! to increase your apex skill by 1 for a single roll (once per exchange)
  • WAAAGH! may be used as a skill for any allied orks to resist fear, intimidation, or other moral effects
  • Spend 1 WAAAGH! in place of a Fate Point for powering stunts

Each unit has a limit on the number of WAAAGH! that may be spent on any given roll — this limit is equal to the number of Aspects that may apply to the task; only Aspect possessed by the unit, or environmental / scene aspects may be counted in this manner. This is similar to, but separate from, invoking Aspects.


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