Planetary Classification Tables

Subsector Generation


4 Haven Relic of Terraforming, Maiden World
3 Paradise Paradise World
2 Garden Garden World
1 Green Agri-World
0 Grey
negative value indicates terraforming or specialize equipment required for sustaining human life
-1 Hostile Eroding Terraformation, Ice Planet, Desert Planet
-2 Hazard
-3 Death World
-4 Malicious Nightmare of the Warp, Malicious Living World

Haven – Much of the planet’s surface is maintained in “paradise world” conditions ideal for human habitation. The conditions are more idyllic than planetary conditions should allow. Lost terraforming technology, xenos intervention, or other mysterious phenomena must sustain the planet in some way.
Paradise – Large portions of the planet’s surface has ideal climate for human colonization and development. The world may contain large amount of human habitation, or may be ear marked as a resort world for the imperial elite.
Garden – World has “earth-like” conditions and a variety of climate zones. It is likely colonized to some degree, if not already with a thriving population.
Green – World has climate ideal for crop production or is especially suitable to harnessing certain natural resources.
Grey – World has certain climate or weather quirks, or suffering the effects of severe pollution and disrupted ecology.
Hostile – World has extreme climate elements over most of its surface. Long term exposure requires special equipment.
Hazard – Special equipment required for even short durations.
Death World – World has an abundance of flora and faunal ecology that is actively hostile to human colonists.
Malicious – Climate and ecology corrupted by presence of the warp, or has developed a malicious mind of its own.


4 Tech Mystery Lost Technology from the Myths of Time
3 Relic Relic Technology from the Dark Age of Technology
2 Urbanized Planet Hive World / Forge World
1 Production Planet Industrial World, Mining World, Agri-World
0 Civilized Civilized World
-1 Frontier Frontier World
-2 Primitive Feudal World / Feral World
-3 Minimalist Military or Research Outpost
-4 Devoid World devoid of human population

Tech Mystery – System is possess of a technology that has been lost to the imperium since the dark age of technology. This technological marvel is unique and experimental even for its time. It may already be harnessed knowingly or unknowingly by the inhabitants, but will surely draw the attention of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Ruinous Powers, and various other factions. Alternatively, it could be a mystery known only to a select few racing to recover its secrets.
Relic – System contains a relic of the dark age that is irresplaceable to the imperium. Unique weapons manufactorums, planetary facilities, teleportariums, etc. This technology is likely already used by the inhabitants, and is well known
Urbanized Planet – Entire surface of the planet has been converted into a continuous urban sprawl devoted to habitation (Hive World) or manufactoring (Forge World).
Production Planet – Planet is harnessed by the Administratum to be devoted to the production of a particular type of goods. Industrial worlds are devoted to heavy industry (though not to the extent of Forge Worlds). Mining worlds and Agri-Worlds are devoted to metal and food production.
Civilized Worlds are usually militarized worlds whose natural developments have not been significantly altered by the imperium, and produce a wide range of goods and services for the empire.
Frontier Worlds are worlds isolated from the imperium after the dark age of technology, and recently rediscovered and possibly undergoing the reincorporation process.
Primitive Worlds include Feudal and Feral worlds whose populations have not achieved significant technological process, but are ruled by a small sect of imperial authority controlling all vestiges of modern technology on the world. They frequently serve as recruitment worlds, or contain unique resources that justify imperial presence on the planet.
Minimalist worlds have only token population within a small, self contained facility with a dedicated purpose.
Devoid – Systems entirely devoid of human populations. Ex: Cemetery World, Tomb World, devastated by past wars, etc


4 Beacon of Order Cardinal World, Chapter Homeworld
3 Devout Shrine World
2 Peerless Loyalty Imperial Stronghold or Administrative Center
1 Inquisitional Vindication
0 Heresy Suppressed Heretical or xenos elements present but suppressed by government
negative value indicates significant presence of Xenos or Chaos on these worlds
-1 World in Conflict Open Rebellion / Xeno Incursion / Criminal base
-2 Hostile World World fallen to Chaos / Xeno controlled territory
-3 Xenos Worlds Central world controlled by Xenos
-4 Nexus of Chaos Daenmon World, Crone World

Beacon of Order – Systems exemplify imperial order and are direct projection of imperial power.
Devout – Systems whose primary purpose is to establish and cement imperial order.
Peerless Loyalty – Population is fanatically loyal to the imperial, and likely supplies elite troops for the guard.
Inquisitional Vindication – Population has unique traits that have attracted the attention of the Inquisition, who have subsequently cleared the planet of charges of heresy.
Heresy Suppressed – Heresy / Xenos a problem for the planet, but the government is able to keep them in check.
World in Conflict – Government is being challenged or usurped by heretical or xenos elements. Or significant amount of anti-imperial elements operate from the system.
Hostile World – World has fallen entirely to Chaos, or is inhabited primarily by Xenos.
Xenos Worlds – Major planet of Xenos
Nexus of Chaos – Daemons inhabit the planet.

Roll 1d10:

1 Famous Event – Planet or its population were a pivotal element in a major conflict and its results have become a defining element in the minds of its inhabitant. + 1 invokable and compellable Aspect on segment of population
2 Unique Culture – People on this planet have an especially unusual or ingrained custom or mindset. + 1 invokable and compellable Aspect on segment of population
3 Planetary Landmark – The planet has a space-visible landmark, of human, Xenos, natural or unknown origins. Define a location related to this landmark
4 Ancient Ruins – The planet was previously inhabited by a xenos species, and relics of their presence tower over portions of the planet. Define a monumental location related to these ruins
5 Technological Focus – The planet is wellknown for producing a certain type of equipment. Invokable Aspect when attempting to acquire this type of equipment
6 Special Facility – The planet has access to a special facility that is unique within the sector.
7 Renowned Resources – The planet has access to a special resource unique to its environment and vital to the subsector’s economy.
8 Unique Metereology – The planet experiences unusual weather or astrological phenomenon. This may occur on regular intervals, or maybe unpredictable. Define an associated location Aspect that may appear in outdoor scenes. Characters may attempt to wait for the phenomenon if time permits, or may spend one Fate Point to place it in a scene.
9 Sibling Rivalry – Multiple colonies or factions present in system. A great deal of tension has evolved between them. + 1 Aspect reflecting the nature of this conflict
10 Astronomical Triune – Humans have spread their influence over several astonomical bodies, each with its own specialized and symbiotic economies. Split your Aspects over the colonies. Add Aspects as necessary.

Planetary Classification Tables

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