Refreshing Fate Points

Fate Points no longer refresh at the beginning of every session. Instead, Fate Points refresh when the party takes time to relax, recover and reflect on their actions.

Once per session, when the party is resting at a safe location, one player may choose to frame a scene that reveals something about their character.

  • Unveil something about their background or motivation
  • Reach out and connect with another character, or challenge them
  • React to recent turn of events

This may take the form of a third-person flashback, a first-person vignette, an in-character dialogue, or any other method of your choice. At any point during the scene or afterward, another play may participate or ask questions about this scene. At the end of the scene, both characters may refresh their Fate Points. If multiple characters participate, only one may refresh.

This modification is based on Steven Lumpkin’s West Marches custom rules.

Refreshing Fate Points

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