Location: Nyx Infernus

The Sigma-1 sensor station was established hundreds, of years ago. Located at Granite Shores, it was original designed to monitor meteorological data in conjunction with other similar stations. More recently, it has been augmented with a voxcaster and serving an off-the-grid “duskcast” vox station. The station is currently operated by VoxJockey Granite and VoxJockey Shores; its broadcasts favor heavy industry metal, with occasional commentary and news by VJ Granite. It has gained an almost cult following amongst several groups of local Borers.

More recently, Sigma-1 was the site of the Battle of Granite Shores , where a trio of Imperial Chimeras and accompanying guardsmen were killed or captured by Borers led by Sisigmund von Schwaben, sparking open hostilities between the Borers and Imperial Guard forces on the planet.

During this battle, Tech-priest Ramirez Illistrad also uncovered that the original sensor station was constructed by Techmarine Tellexus of the Iron Hands chapter, hundreds of years ago — a figure venerated as the “Hands of Mythral” myth by local Borers. While the array monitors weather information, it also seems to be processing communications within the habring. Moreover, it seems to have been tampered with by forces unknown; he has attempted to undo these changes, and informed the Inquisition that its original functions have been restored.


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