Skill List

Combat Related Skills

Assault (as Fight )

Assault covers your proficiency in close quarters combat, with a variety of melee weapons or in unarmed combat. When two melee combatants are engaged in melee combat, they make opposed Assault tests each round. See Melee Combat.


Athletics represents your character’s level of physical fitness. Athletics can be used to defend against most physical attacks, and is the go-to skill for movement actions. It cannot be used to make attacks.


The Command skill representing your character’s ability to lead troops into battle, issuing clear orders, and directing formations effectively. Command can be used in a firefight to create tactical advantages for allies to use.

Within a highly structured military with an effective chain of command such as the Imperial Guard, the Command skill allows leaders to make snap decisions to affect the battle. See Command Squad.

Command may also be used to attack in a social conflict, when the chain of command is respected by the participants.

Endurance (as Physique )

Endurance represents your character’s ability to withstand physical hardship and general resilience. Endurance cannot be used to make attacks. Special: The Physique skill gives you additional physical stress or consequence slots. Average (1) or Fair (2) gives you a 3-point stress box. Good (3) or Great (4) gives you a 3-point and a 4-point stress box. Superb (5) and above give you an additional mild consequence slot along with the additional stress boxes. This slot can only be used for physical harm.


Gunnery is the skill of using complicated weapon system. While aboard a vehicle, lightcraft or voidship, Gunnery can always be used to fire offensive weaponry. In addition, Gunnery may also be used to fire certain crew served weapons that involve a targeting cogitator or calibration engine. Gunnery cannot be used to fire hand-held weapons.

Marksmanship (as Shoot )

Marksmanship is the skill of using ranged weaponry. See Firefight.


Might represents your character’s physical strength and can be used to initiate certain unarmed attacks, or use very heavy weapons that require more brute force than finesse or training. Might can also be used as an Overcome action to break down obstacles.

Social Combat


Conviction measures the force of your character’s personality, self confidence and zeal. Inquisitors, librarians and members of the Ecclesiarchy will typically have high Conviction to represent the strength of their faith. For certain characters, Conviction may be used to initiate psychic attacks or perform Acts of Faith. Conviction cannot be used for defense.


Deceive is the skill about lying to and misdirecting people.


Empathy is the ability to read a person’s mood or emotions. It may be used to defend against Deception. Empathy cannot be used for attacks.

Instigate (as Provoke )

Instigate is the skill about getting someone’s dander up and eliciting negative emotional response from them—fear, anger, shame, etc.


Characters of noble blood may take the Nobilitas skill to reflect their aristocratic upbringing, knowledge of etiquette, and other subtle ways of court politics. Nobilitas may be used to create advantages when establishing your reputation and connection amongst others who recognize noble status, it may be used to attack or defend against other noblemen with court intrigue, and in certain circumstances, it may also be used in inspire followers and retinue and to remind them of their duties.

Special: When you take the Nobilitas skill, you may add one trapping to it representing a popular hobby recognized as an aristocratic activity from your culture. The trapping should be highly specialized and only rarely used — For example, horsemanship, calligraphy, or recitation of poetry. Trappings that are more general (such as oratory, fencing) should be taken as stunts.


Presence represent the raw charisma of your character and their capacity for inspiration. A high Presence allows your character to effectively command troops, to motivate large crowds, and to turn heads simply by the intensity of your presence.

Special: The Presence skill gives you additional social stress boxes or consequence slots. Average (1) or Fair (2) gives you a 3-point stress box. Good (3) or Great (4) gives you a 3-point and a 4-point stress box. Superb (5) and above give you an additional mild consequence slot along with the additional stress boxes. This slot can only be used for mental harm.


The Rapport skill is all about making positive connections to people and eliciting positive emotion. It’s the skill of being liked and trusted.


Resolve represents your character’s general level of mental fortitude, and may be used to defend against a variety of social and mental attacks.

Special: The Resolve skill gives you additional mental stress boxes or consequence slots. Average (1) or Fair (2) gives you a 3-point stress box. Good (3) or Great (4) gives you a 3-point and a 4-point stress box. Superb (5) and above give you an additional mild consequence slot along with the additional stress boxes. This slot can only be used for mental harm.



Contacts is the skill of knowing the right people. A character with a high Contacts skill is someone who is well connected among her peers, is owed favors by powerful people, and with an expansive network outside of her native domain. See: Working Contacts


Investigate is used to when subjecting an area to a detailed search of a physical area, and in-depth scrutiny of discreet matters. See Divine Realities


The Lore skill covers a wide range of knowledge and education. A successful Lore roll gleams knowledge that could be available to the general public, though possibly details that escape notice by the common person. If you have an aspect that represents your experience in a particular field, you may indicate it to gain more specialized knowledge. See Divine Realities


The Perception skill allows you to observe unusual details at a cursory glance. Typically, Perception is used reactively to alert the character to things in the environment. A more detailed search would use the Investigation skill. Perception is usually used to determine turn order in a Firefight, but it is normally not used for Attack or Overcome actions.


Survival represents your ability to make use of naturally available materials, and your ability to survive in hostile environments. It also gauges your ability to perform military fieldcraft.


Companion skill to Presence when leading troop formations. Tactica represents a character’s tactical acumen, his knowledge and command of battlefield resources, and his ability to predict enemy movements and recognize key moments in a battle. Tactica can be used in place of initiative for a Firefight. It can also be used to create advantage for allies and troop formations.

Infiltration Skills


Burglary covers your character’s aptitude for stealing things, sleight of hand, and your ability to pick physical locks. Note that this skill does not grant you an ability to bypass electronic systems, but may be used to sabotage small physical components.

Stunt: Sleight of Mind

Allows you to use your Burglary skill to bypass electronic systems to escape or enter a location, and to cloak your intrusions against detection from machine spirits.


The Stealth skill allows you to avoid detection, both when hiding in place
and trying to move about unseen.

Technological Skills


The Augmetics skill is used to control Cybernetics


Logis represents your character’s ability to commune with machine spirits and proficiency with cogitators. Communicating with machine spirits require both cold logic and a certain forcefulness of personality that is held to different degrees even within the Mechanicus. Those possessing this skill outside the Mechanicus may have licensed training (for example, signals operators in the Imperial Guard), illicit experience breaking into crypto-systems, or possessing a natural and likely heretek talent. Compared to Tech, Logis focuses on purely mental faculties, be it drawing from a wealth of meditated rites, or an adaptive strength of logic. Logis is also a key skill for using advanced Cybernetics.

Machine Handling

Machine Handling represents your character’s spacial awareness and your ability to effectively control and maneuver large pieces of machinery. This skill covers operating vehicles, gunships, and other forms of heavy machinery (typically larger than a person). This skill supersedes the Drive skill from Fate Core.


The Medicae skill represents your character’s knowledge of medicine and biology, possibly through training from the Magos Biologis. It can be used for treating physical (and sometimes also mental) consequences (so that recovery can begin), administering emergency aid during combat, and the use of combat drugs and stimulants.

Tech (as Engineering)

The Tech skill covers your character’s technological aptitude. It is used when using, maintaining and enhancing physical technological devices. Tech also covers the maintenance and repair of heavy machinery, but does not cover their operation. Tech differs from Logis in that it focuses on the physical application of meditated knowledge and rituals. Tech is also a key skill for using advanced Cybernetics.

Special Skills


The Psy skill represents the raw ability for a psyker to manifest psychic abilities.


Resources describes your character’s general level of material wealth in the game world and is used in the acquisition of various pieces of wargear. It may also be used to perform and defend against financial attacks.

Special: For every 2 points a character has in Resources, he gains one minor equipment stunt for free.

Skill List

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