Space Marine

A space marine gains the following stunts for free:

Astartes Stunt: Astartes Conditioning
A space marine’s genetically enhanced nature gives him incredibly strength and resilience, against both physical and mental hardships. His geneseed organs can process toxins and poisons, allow him to survive prolonged exposure to vacuum, and combat fatigue at literally superhuman levels.
This stunt acts as a taggable aspect when boosting the space marine’s Might, Endurance or Resolve skills. Alternatively, by spending a Fate Point, you may make one roll with any of these skills as if they were rated at 5.

Astartes Stunt: Black Carapace
The final implant the space marine acquires is the Black Carapace, completing the transformation into a superhuman soldier and seamlessly uniting flesh and steel.
The Black Carapace is a cybernetic implant that allows the space marine to interface directly into his power armor, allowing him to fight and move within it as a second skin. When wearing power armor, an astarte replaces the Hulking aspect with Heavy. This stunt allows astartes to don the heavy terminator armor without additional penalties.

Astartes Stunt: Hard to Kill
Once per major milestone, a space marine can take a Consequence to absorb all damage from one physical or mental attack. This Consequence is free-taggable once by the attacker.

Astartes Stunt: Astartes Doctrines
Once per round, an astarte gains one Fate Point for tagging any Aspect except his High Concept. The same Aspect cannot be tagged this way in two sequential rounds. The Astartes Aspects (see below) are intended to allow the space marine to use this stunt with regularity. In noncombat scenes, this stunt is usable once per scene.

Astartes Stunt: Inspire Zeal
Once per scene, a space marine may inspire zeal in himself or an ally, by simply taking actions that narratively showcase one of their aspects. This grants a boost to himself, or that ally, that may be used for any skill roll.

Astartes Wargear

Superior Wargear
The chapter provides the astarte a selection of superior wargear for use in combat. The benefits of this superior equipment is already factored into the the Combat Doctrines stunt. If at any time a space marine loses access to astartes wargear, or is otherwise caught out of his element, the bonus from Combat Doctrines may be reduced or rendered inapplicable.

Armory of the Astartes
Worthy astartes warriors are awarded wargear commensurate with their accomplishments. An astartes gains the skill Renown to represent their standing within their chapter. Renown may be used in place of Resources to acquire wargear from imperial armories (but not independent merchants).

Specialized forge worlds also manufacture power armor for astartes warriors. An initiate gains + 5 Renown for purchasing Light Power Armor or Scout Power Armor; a full astartes warrior gains the bonus for all power armors.

Renown may also be used to establish relative status with other space marines, to earn recognition amongst fellow brothers, or within the wider imperium.

Astartes Aspects

Each space marine begins with 5 Aspects, including 1 High Concept and 1 Trouble. Up to two of the other aspects may be Chapter Aspects particular to their chapter. These tend to be very flexible aspects invokable in a number of situations.

A space marine will also have 3 stunts in addition to those specified above, and a refresh of 3 (which can be used to take more stunts). Astartes also begin with 2 skill columns capped at skill 5 (i.e. 2 skills at each value up to and including 5).

Space Marine Chapters

Each space marine chapter is an elite, self-contained and autonomous enclave comprised of some of the best soldiers humanity has to offer. Each cultivates its own set of customs and traditions, doctrines and tactics, and outlook on the greater world. Each chapter has its own personality that invariable transforms a young Neophyte even before they don their first set of power armor. Chapter Aspects and Doctrine Aspects represent the strength that space marines draw from their warrior culture and rigorous training during the heat of battle.

Dark Angels
White Scars
Space Wolves
Imperial Fists
Blood Angels
Iron Hands
Raven Guard
Black Templars
Storm Wardens

Space Marine

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