Starship Weapons

Mars-Pattern Macrocannon Battery

Macrocannon weapons are the largest autocannon in use within the Imperium, firing shells the size of small vehicles at immense speeds at enemy warships. The hail of projectiles is virtually impossible to avoid, and only stalwart hull plating can defend against bombardment. Accuracy and timing is just as important in their operation as the vigor and zeal of the gun crews reloading and adjusting the weapons.

Associated Skills: Provoke, Conviction

Shredding: If the weapon hits, you may reroll one of the Fate dice.
Merciless Hail: The defender uses Armor Rating as a defense skill; do not apply it as damage reduction.
Broadside Battery: If mounted as a broadside weapon, increase damage by 1.

Fire Control Damage Defense Range
2 3 Armor 3

Titanforge Lance Weapon

Lance weapons are powerful, ship-killing beam weapons that can penetrate even the thickest hull plating with ease. Lance blasts are used sparing, with ship captains often waiting tens of minutes to line up a shot, and for good reason as well, since lances typically fire only 2 to 3 times an hour. The power build up behind lance weapons is often visible to the other ship as well, forcing their helmsman to take action to make lining up a shot as difficult as possible.

Associated Skills: Marksmanship, Tech

Shipboard Artillery: On frigates or smaller vessels, can only be mounted in a Prow slot.
Searing Beam: The defender uses the Maneuver Rating as a defense skill. Cannot target light crafts.
Ignores Armor: Do not apply the Armor Rating as damage reduction.

Fire Control Damage Defense Range
3 2 Maneuver 4

Sunfury Las Turrets

Turret blisters often pepper sides of Imperial vessels. Primarily designed to ward off light crafts and torpedo attacks, las turrets can sometimes do significant damage to an enemy ship when used in concerted salvos.

Associated Skills: Machine Handling, Marksmanship, Tactica

Defense Grid: The las turret ignores fire arc rules when targeting light crafts.
Point Defense: At the end of the strategic round, if the Sunfury Las Turret has not fired this turn, you may spend 1 Power to allow it to fire at a target light craft.

Fire Control Damage Defense Range
4 0 Armor 2

Guided Torpedoes

Each torpedo is a house sized construct guided by a malicious and psychotic machine spirit. Once given the augur image of a target vessel, torpedoes can be released into the void, and they will relentless hunt down its prey to engulf it in a fiery explosion.

Acquiring Target: In order for a torpedo to be launched, the Master of Etherics must first acquire a target lock. This is represented by using up a free tag on an Aspect created by the Augury Rating on the target. Launching a torpedo counts as an attack but requires no roll. Place the torpedo in an adjacent zone.
Light Craft Transit: Once launched, the torpedo behaves as if it is a light craft. At the end of each Strategic Turn, it moves two zones closer to the designated target. The torpedo does not move on the first turn it is deployed. While in transit, it can be targeted by any weapon as if it was a light craft.
Terminal Phase: If at the end of the Positioning Phase, the torpedo ends in the same zone as the target, it makes an attack using its Fire Control (unenhanced) against the Machine Spirit of the target. If it fails the attack, the torpedo is assumed to be lost to the void.

Fire Control Damage Defense Range
5 1 Machine Spirit any

Light crafts have a single Defense Rating against all attacks directed against it. They have no stress or consequence slots, and any damage will destroy them.

Defense Stress Track Movement
4 none 2 zones

Additional Associated Skills

Any weapon mounted on a Dorsal slot may use the Machine Handling skill to fire.

Any weapon mounted on a Prow slot may be fired by the helmsman, with Machine Handling as an associated skill. If the helmsman has acted already, a -1 penalty is applied to the roll.

Starship Weapons

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