Stress Tracks

Stress Track Key Skill Stress Recovery
Physical Track Endurance Cleared at end of scene
Mental Track Resolve
Social Track Presence
Corruption Track Cleared at end of scenario when no corruption stress taken during that scenario


Character may reduce damage to their stress tracks by taking consequences. Consequences represent more enduring penalties that require care and rest for recovery. Each consequence must be treated to before recovery can begin. Typically, this requires an action and a skill check against the listed difficulty, with a penalty of -1 when tending to one’s own wounds. A successful treatment check allows the physician to rename the consequence, and removes any free tags remaining on it. Recovery the begins and the consequence is removed after the prescribed period.

Consequence Type Severity Difficulty Full Recovery
Physical / Mental / Social Minor 2 End of the next scene
Moderate 4 End of next session (a few days).
Minor milestone
Severe 6 End of current adventure (a few weeks).
Significant milestone
Corruption Corruption consequences may only be cleared through atonement, Acts of Faith, or Burning Corruption.

When treating consequences, the player may rationalize the whether a skill is applicable. Skills such as Medicae, Conviction, and Rapport are good candidates. When tending to your own consequences, defensive skills such as Endurance and Discipline may be appropriate.

Stress Tracks

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