Weapon Complications

Weapon complications occur when a range weapon is fired (through an attack or a weapon maneuver), and a roll of -3 or -4 occurs on the dice (regardless of the attacker’s skill). Alternatively, a defender who succeeds with style against a range attack or maneuver may Compel a weapon complication by expending a Fate Point.

Depending on the type of weapon, weapon complications results in the weapon rendered non-function in a number of ways.


A weapon that is jammed must be cleared before it is fired again. Clearing a Jammed weapon requires a standard action and a Tech roll against difficulty 0.


A weapon may overheat dangerously, burning its user. The weapon makes an attack using its Damage as a skill, against the wielder’s Tech or Endurance. A successful defense causes the weapon to be merely Jammed. A failed defense causes the weapon to be Jammed and dropped. Any consequence inflicted by this attack causes the weapon to be inoperative until the consequence is removed.


The weapon explodes catastrophically. The weapon makes an attack at Skill:4 against all characters in the current zone. Against the wielder, this attack gains Deadly(2). Regardless of the result, the weapon is rendered inoperable until it is repaired.

Complications may be modified by a number of weapon traits.

Reliable weapons do not suffer complications, unless Compelled by a Fate Point.

When an Unreliable weapon rolls a Complication, the Complication must be removed by expending a Fate Point before the roll can be rerolled.

Master Crafted weapons increase the Cost of the weapon by 1, but changes its Complication to Jammed.

Weapon Complications

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