Weapon Stunts

Dual Wield Stunts

Stunt: Two-Fisted Shooter
When wielding two range weapons, you may fire both of them at your target. Pick your primary weapon and add 1 to its damage. If both weapons are of the same type, you gain + 1 Marksmanship instead.

Stunt: Sword and Bolter
When wielding a melee weapon and a range weapon with the Assault trait, add 1 damage to your melee attacks.

Stunt: Whirlwind of Death
When wielding two melee weapons, you may add 1 to the damage of your primary weapon. If both weapons are of the same type, you gain + 1 Assault instead.

Weapon Specific Stunts

Stunt: Oppressive Flames
When firing a flamer weapon, add the Suppression trait to it.

Stunt: Focused Las
When firing a las or hell-las weapon, increases its Range by 1.

Stunt: Percussive Fire
When firing an autogun or stubber, spend a Fate Point to grant it the Suppression trait. If the weapons already has the Suppression trait, it inflicts Stunned instead. The first use of this ability in each scene is free.

Stunt: Special Bolter Ammunition
Specialized ammunition allows your bolter to be the answer to any situation.
Pick two of the following specialized rounds for your bolter; you also get Standard Bolts for free. Changing the ammunition type in your bolter may be done as part of a reload action.

>> Ammunition: Standard Bolts
(Default) Provides the bolter the Shredding trait. Using any other ammo removes the Shredding trait.

>> Ammunition: Metal Storm Frag Bolts
Laced with explosive shrapnel, these rounds are deadly to lightly armored formations.
The bolter gains the Disruptive trait.

>> Ammunition: Kraken Bolts
An adamantinum core allows these blessed bolts to penetrate even the thickest armor.
The bolter gains + 2 penetration.

>> Ammunition: Dragonfire Bolts
These hollow bolt shells spout superheated gases on impact, rendering cover a laughable notion.
Attacks with the bolter ignore Cover Aspects.

>> Ammunition: Inferno Bolts
A promethium gel engulfs your enemies in a fiery inferno.
The bolter gains the Fiery trait.

>> Ammunition: Vengeance Bolts
An unstable core makes these hazardous rounds dangerous to heavy armor.
The bolter gains Antivehicle(2), and Unreliable.

Stunt: Tank Hunter
If you successfully inflict a Consequence on a vehicle with a melta weapon, you may dictate the nature of the Consequence.

Stunt: Rapid Overcharge
When using the Overcharge ability of a plasma weapon, you no longer need to wait a round afterward. Instead, the weapon gains the Very Unreliable trait, and immediately Jams if you fail to fire it each turn, or when it runs out of ammunition.

Heavy Weapons Training

Stunt: Rapid Deployment
As a Minor Action, you may setup a heavy weapon and take cover. As a Standard Action, you may breakdown a heavy weapon and make an Athletics check for movement.

Stunt: Point Blank Shot
When firing a heavy weapon with Area, you gain + 1 attack to targets at Range 1.

Weapon Stunts

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