Weapon Wargear Lists

Melee Weapons
Range Weapons

Lethality: All weapons without the Nonlethal trait are lethal weapons, and targets Taken Out by these attacks are killed (though may be allowed a dramatic soliloquy prior to expiration). You may make a nonlethal attack with a melee weapon; typically, this reduces damage and penetration to 0, and prevents the use of all traits.

Special Acquisition: You may spend a stunt to acquire a weapon without purchasing it through resources. See Starting Wargear

Deprecated: Weapon list v1.0
Deprecated: Range Weapon list v1.1

Weapon Modifications

A weapon may be modified to enhanced its ability. Doing so with care will avoid angering the machine spirit within. Modifying a weapon increases its Cost by 1.

Customization: Add a new Aspect to a weapon, or replace an existing Aspect on the weapon.

Extended Magazine: For weapon with Ammo:2, increase its Ammo capacity by 1.

Reliable: Adds the Reliable trait to a weapon. Cannot be taken on a weapon that has a Complication other than Jammed. This trait cancels with the Unreliable trait.

Master-crafted: Change’s a weapon’s Complication to Jammed.

Poor Quality: Adds Unreliable to the weapon, and lowers the Cost by 1. A weapon that is already Unreliable becomes Very Unreliable, which causes a complication on any dice roll without any + on the dice.


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