Weapons (old)

Lethality: All weapons without the Nonlethal trait are lethal weapons, and targets Taken Out by these attacks are killed (though may be allowed a dramatic soliloquy prior to expiration). You may make a nonlethal attack with a melee weapon; typically, this reduces damage and penetration to 0, and prevents the use of all traits.

Special Acquisition: You may spend a stunt to acquire a weapon without purchasing it through resources. See Starting Wargear

Melee Weapon

Weapon Damage Penetration Cost Aspects and Traits
Improvized 0 0 <detrimental>, Unbalanced
Combat Knife 0 0 0 Light
Shock Truncheon 1 0 4 Shocking(4), Nonlethal
Chain Sword 1 0 2 Shredding
Chain Axe 1 0 3 Shredding, Unbalanced
Chain Halberd 2 0 3 Shredding, Two-handed
Eviscerator 2 4 4 Shredding, Unwieldy, Two-handed, ignores Power Weapon on enemies
Power Sword 2 2 4 Power Weapon
Power Axe 2 2 5 Power Weapon, Unbalanced
Power Maul 3 0 5 Power Weapon, Shocking(Assault)
Power Fist 2 4 6 Power Weapon, Unwieldy, Antivehicle(2)
Thunder Hammer 5 0 8 Power Weapon, Two-handed, Concussive_(_Assault), Unwieldy, may use Might when attacking
Force Staff 1 3 7 Force Weapon, Two-handed
Force Sword 2 4 9 Force Weapon

Concsussive(X): After a successful attack, immediately roll target’s Endurance vs X to attempt to put stunned on the target. This is a free action.
Force: In the hands of a Psyker, Force weapons act as they have the Power Weapon trait. If their Psy skill is at least as good as their Assault skill, they get + 1 Assault. In the hands of a normal person, it has Penetration of 0.
Power Weapon: Becomes a taggable Aspect against a non-power field protected enemy
Shocking(X): If the target takes any stress or consequence from the attack, immediately the target’s Resolve vs X, to attempt to put stunned on the target. This is a free action.
Shredding: If the attack hits, may modify damage dealt by rerolling 1 die on the 4dF roll.
Two-handed: Requires two hands to wield
Unbalanced: Inflict and receive damage on ties.
Unwieldy: Cannot use Assault in a contested roll against another Assault; you must use another defensive skill.

See Armors for Shield options

Ranged Weapon

Weapon type and damage:

Las-weapons: Base line, basic weapons
Hellguns: Increased penetration from Las-Weapons
Bolter: More raw damage than Las weapons
Plasma: Good vs power armor, moderate penetration
Melta: Good vs vehicles, short range
Flamers: Area, good versus troops ?

Weapon Damage Penetration Range Cost Aspects and Traits
Las-weapons / Autogun 0 0 0 Standard issue
Hellguns 0 1* 2
Bolter 2 0 4 Shredding
Plasma 1 1 5 Plasma, Overcharge
Melta 1 2** 6 Melta, Antivehicle(4), max range: 1
Flamer 1 0 2 Area, Hazard, max range: 1

Weapon Classes:

Weapon Damage * Range Cost Aspects and Traits
Pistol + 0 + 0 1 + 0 Small, Assault, costs + 0 if Standard issue
Heavy Pistol / Carbine + 1 + 1 1 + 0 Small
Rifle + 1 + 1 2 + 0
Heavy Weapon + 2 + 2 1-3 + 2 Setup or Slow; Area and Suppression, or Anti-vehicle(4)

Example weapons:

Weapon Damage Penetration Range Cost Aspects and Traits
Las Weapons (from table)
Laspistol 0 0 1 0 Small, Assault, Standard issue
Lasgun 1 0 2 0 Standard issue
Hellpistol 0 1 1 2 Small, Assault
Hellgun 1 2 2 2
Lascannon 1 4 1-3 4 Anti-vehicle(4), Setup, Standard issue
Bolters (from table)
Bolt Pistol 2 0 1 4 Small, Assault, Shredding
Bolter 3 0 2 4 Shredding
Heavy bolter 4 0 1-3 6 Setup, Suppression, Area, Shredding
Plasma Weapons (from table)
Plasma Pistol 1 1 1 5 Small, Assault, Plasma, Overcharge
Plasma Rifle 2 1 2 5 Plasma, Overcharge
Melta (from table)
Melta Pistol 1 2 1 6 Small, Assault, Melta, Anti-vehicle(4)
Meltagun 2 4 1 6 Melta, Anti-vehicle(4)
Flamer (from table)
Hand Flamer 1 0 1 2 Small, Assault, Area, Hazard
Flamer 2 0 1 2 Area, Hazard
Frag Grenade 3 0 1 2 Blast, Single Use, Grenade
Krak Grenade 1 4 1 4 Single Use, Grenade
Grenade Launcher 2 0 2 4 Area, Slow, ignores cover related aspects
Plasma Cannon 3 1 1-3 7 Setup, Plasma, Area, Suppression
Missile Launcher 2 2 2 3 Anti-vehicle(4) or Area; Slow
Shotgun 1 0 1 2 Assault, Shredding
Sniper Rifle 2 1 3 4 Scoped, Slow, One shot, one kill, + 2 AP vs organics
Longlas 2 0 3 4 Scoped, Slow, One shot, one kill, Overcharge

Anti-vehicle(X): Ignores up to X Vehicle Armor
Assault: Can be used in melee.
Area: Attacks all characters in a zone (Excludes user). Must reload after (supplemental action).
Blast: Attacks all characters in a zone.
Flaming(X): Consequences inflicted by this weapon cause the On Fire trait instead, which attacks the target with Weapon:X vs Endurance at the end of each of their turns. X increases by 1 for a moderate consequence, and 2 for a severe consequence. On Fire can be removed by a supplemental action, or free-tagging an appropriate Aspect
Grenade: Grenades can be used in a variety of ways. To throw a grenade, use Might or Assault as the attack skill. To set the grenade up as a trap, use Tech; this may require a second roll to lure the enemy into the proper position.
Hazard: Certain types of armor offering protection against environmental hazards also protects against this type of attack. Any such Aspect may be free-tagged to boost the Armor Rating.
Ignores Cover: Defensive Aspects such as Cover, Defensive Terrain cannot be invoked
Melta: Against Vehicles, at range 0-1, inflicts an additional wound at -1
Overcharge: The weapon may discharge its power supply in a single shot, granting the attack + 1 Damage and + 1 Penetration, but requires a full round to recharge or reload before it can be fired again
Plasma: If attack hits, but deal no damage, may reroll all dice
Scoped: When you have Maneuvered to aim, may roll twice and pick either result.
Setup: Requires supplementary action (-1) to setup after moving to fire.
Slow: Must be reloaded after each shot (supplementary action)
Small: Can be used in one hand, concealable
Suppression: Stuns all creatures damaged by attack (recovery is a supplementary action)
Toxic(X): If this weapon inflicts at least 1 point of damage, immediately perform an attack with X vs Endurance. This attack inflicts physical or mental stress, as specified by the attacker.

Combi- Weapons
Combines two weapons with the Small trait into a single weapon. It loses the Small trait. Only one weapon mode may be fired each turn. Costs are added together.

Weapon Damage Penetration Range Cost Aspects and Traits
Combi-grenade launcher 1 0 2 4 Area, Slow, ignores cover related aspects

Storm Weapons
Storm weapons combine two of the same weapons together, and typically grant + 1 damage in total.

Weapons (old)

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