Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000

A Spark

The Inquisition's haste starts a rebellion.

Ignoring the commotion behind me (pretty sure Whaylon’s voice jumped an octave when he saw that suit.), I strolled down the him toward the ramshackle barriers. A couple of the Borers were resistant at first, but they let me in once I handed over my weapons. A giant of a man showed me around the station.

Most of the place was your typical outback dump, cobbled together from spare parts, and jacked into someone else’s sensor mast to broadcast the signal. The DJ seemed spacey, didn’t really know what was going on, but a few people remembered a techpriest visiting a month or so back. Said he’d made some “modifications”.

In the lower level the Borers had a sort of shrine, mostly adorned with tools. Wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, but decided Ramirez had to take a look, and managed to convince the rabble to let him through. Went for a few with the giant while he looked through the place, and came back soon after. Got a free bottle out of it too. Seems the shrine had some sort of hidden compartment underneath, but for once, our Ramirez wasn’t up to the task. Needed a special tool or something.

Whaylon somehow made it into the compound from the roof. Said there were a couple of cranes out back that we could use to open the thing, but that it was going to make a lot of noise. In minutes, we had a plan. Ramirez would stay here and head down into whatever was underneath. Whalyon and I would try to get the Borer’s ready to fight, and convince them that we needed to operate the cranes to prepare for that. In a matter of minutes, we’d have the thing open, and the Borer’s would be none the wiser.

Things didn’t go quite according to plan. As ever the Inquisition decided a “Shoot first, ask later” approach was in order. While we were round back revving the cranes, they sent in 3 Chimeras. 3 Chimeras for a handful of civilians with improvised clubs. And they wonder why people don’t like Imperial rule.

I led the Borers to the barricades, and had a few of them operate a mining laser. We fired as the vehicles closed but without effect. It wasn’t until they were about to crush our barricades that Whaylon finally went to work on one of them with his Meltagun, cut clean through the drive assembly. Before the drivers could do anything, my sword was gliding through the steel front armour, and into the machine’s control units.

The transports started to unload, two or three squads of green, green, guardsmen. I led the Borers over the barricades in a desperate charge. Maybe the Chimeras wouldn’t fire on their own, even if they’ve been trained to.

It was bloody. Only a few of them escaped, on a fast little weapons platform. The rest were just grain before a scythe. They didn’t even know to fix their bayonets. Just barely trained kids, being marched off world and told to shoot a bunch of people who listened to the wrong kind of music.

I’m not sure if Mouse was there. I hope not. Mouse seemed like she could have understood.



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