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Fate: Warhammer 40,000

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Nyx Rebels Ambush Guard Trainees

NYX INFERNUS — Last evening at 7:00 PM (Rubicon station-keeping time), a convoy of guardsmen trainees from Orbus Istria were ambushed by unknown assailants, who later identified themselves as the “Borers”. The trainees were conducting routine exercises in the southern mining flats, when they were fired upon by mining lasers and beset by crazed mobs wielding picks and drills.

With no policing force of its own, Nyx Infernus has appealed to the Familias for aid. In response, Familias Augustus, Basilius and Lorasia are mobilizing detachments of urban cohorts to stabilize the situation on the mining colonies.

The ambushed convoy were operating military equipment supplied by Familias Lorasia, another poor omen for the house after the comm outages of last week. Their Fiducia index [LRSA] dropped by 18 points at closing.
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Centurion_Promiscuous 3 minutes ago
Gaksh*t! 3 houses all sending urbans to “stabilize the situation”. Someone’s w*nking their wallets.

GreyknightCaptain 3 minutes ago

TogaJoe11 3 minutes ago
my cousin heard they boxing up armor and arty for transport…

Centurion_Promiscuous Just now
f*ck!1 its like their invading the rock

spx1208 Just now
were is nyx infernus anyways

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