Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000


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Thalossian‘s work is impressive. There is no evidence of the phantom images Sisigmund and Waylon claimed, no sign of video forecasting their inevitable demise. Under ordinary circumstances, I would presume this to be the work of the questionable stimulants and aftereffects of the bunker, but not only is there no record of Adys’s initial call, the landline had already been cut when I was summoned. Perhaps I will be able to trace the transmission from my quarters… Later. Thalossian left co-ordinates for me, indicating the relay station Sigma One. The train will be fastest.

The Missing code is rarely used on train schedules, but it is perhaps the most eloquent way to keep from informing the public that an Inquisitor has commandeered the lines. Convenient in a sense, as that bunker will likely distract the Inquisitor from disrupting our investigation with these random searches, but I do not expect the forces in transit here to disperse so readily. No matter, it will be a simple process to use the service road at a similar speed, provided I can retrieve that pilot from the tracks before a train hits him.

Unfortunately the next train would have taken far too long. Those who claim Mechanicus as a benevolent agent shut their eyes to the world that ignores such simplistic means of halting needless destruction. Nevertheless, drawing attention was sufficient to stop Waylon’s inexplicable decision to discharge raw plasma into irreplacable maglev coils. If he didn’t want to drive that badly, he could have said so. Perhaps even without threatening a crowd with an explosive, a gun, and a poor disguise. Quick enough to point out that the damage was reversible, to a degree. The blood must be getting to him.

Flagging an emergency stop was sufficient to halt the next Inquisitorial train. Their plans are terribly inefficient, only the first car was even in use… These Janissaries hoard their space. I stepped into the second car to have some room to breathe, and the Guardsmen could do little more than point guns at Tiberius (further signs of prior Janissary connections, implication of severe military charges, this explains some aspects of behaviour while actively indicating other aspects are irrational). Nothing further, especially with Waylon’s claims of Inquisitorial protection. Perhaps he even truly believes himself at this point, he even gave a name with the story this time. Nearly being arrested on sight did nothing to dampen Sisigmund’s spirits, though that might be a side effect of having already consumed them.

The second car was a peaceful trip, especially after I detached the civilian car at the nearest station. Prior experience has suggested that guardsmen and frantic civilian mobs interact poorly.

Our stop was attended by an incredible work of art, the custom camera-servitor built on planet. Its uniqueness lowered my expectations of having a close look at the design, but the surprise was welcome. The reporter attending to it (from some local Nyx Nightly News station bound to dull terrestrial affairs, unlike the sector-wide Augustanan News Network) bothered the soldiers somewhat, driving Waylon to amusing antics to evade video capture by that serene tool. We needed to move onward, but Waylon indicated that images of his face would cause trouble; excuse enough to appreciate such design. On a curious note, the access permissions placed that reporter above most ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and the wireless transmissions were locked to any below the Magos rank. I left a mark to delete local content with Waylon’s face, though I do not expect it to save him. Perhaps I will miss his bluster after the Inquisitorial forces slaughter him for impersonation, unless other enemies catch up with him first.

It seems Sigma One has drawn a great deal of attention. The Sister that so thoroughly humiliated Waylon earlier seemed interested by what he had to say this time; excellent, clearing away that bunker should prevent the Inquisitor from inexplicably disrupting my train connections for some time. Of course, in order to do so the forces currently surrounding Sigma One would need to disperse, and it seems nothing but a crowd of borers and a representative of House Lorasia stand between the Inquisitorial forces and burning the relay station to the ground.

Borers, Lorasia, and now Sisigmund.

I should find a way to search the building while it is still standing.




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