Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000

N-3: Nyxian Nightly News

Granite Shores Firefight; Casualties Heavy

GRANITE SHORES — At 1730 (Nyx registered time), a trio of Imperial Guard armored transports charged a Borer gathering outside a sensor station near Granite Shore. Lasfire was exchanged by both sides, and casualties are believed to be extensive. At least one of the armor transports may have been destroyed during the engagement.

The firefight comes at the climax of a multi-hour stand off between a gathering of armored Borer haulers, and Janissary troops from Orbus Istria, at a local voxcasting station. No official comment on what precipitated this incident, but it is believed that the Imperial Inquisition may be involved. Citizens are advised to stay clear of stations along the Lewis Dike area.

As always, the Emperor protects.

Jennifer Flare, reporter on site



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