Campaign of the Month: December 2013

Fate: Warhammer 40,000


cat save_the_stations.tar.gz | openssl rsault -encrypt -inkey | mailx -s "Tellexus's Stations Under Attack" talia.seleritov@mechanicus.imp

The following is translated from Techno-Lingua, through the mystical incantation “tar -xOz save_the_stations.tar.gz”

I write from Nyx Infernus, Subsector Augustana. A sensor station constructed by Techmarine Tellexus has been visited by several forces recently; Tech-Priest Thalossian is among them, suspected to have Chaos influence. As a result, the Ordos Malleus wishes to demolish the station. While there I reverted the alterations made by Thalossian and informed the Inquisition of this fact as well as how the station was constructed by Tellexus, but now I fear that the name of the Adeptus Astartes will be insufficient to protect the station.

My research has shown that Magos Talia Seleritov has vouched for Tellexus in the past, but these records are largely classified if not redacted. I presume the Khamrians have some knowledge of what Tellexus planned for this sector. Please let me know what Tellexus planned to build, and if it is worth preserving then I request assistance in preserving it.

tl;dr The Inquisition will break Tellexus’s stuff if we don’t stop them. I’m assuming this is bad, let me know if you can help or if we can let them go.

Deus ex Mechanicus,
Ramirez Illistrad



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